Herb Affair Scholarship Award

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Alternative medicine has been on the rise and many people are in pursuit of a more natural way to a healthy lifestyle. There are many problems with pharmaceutical drug contradictions and it has been questionable whether they are safe. It is simply a lot safer for people to seek for newer, natural ways to a healthy lifestyle. Pharmaceutical drugs have been linked to many allergies, side effects, even more serious contradictions such as paralysis or even death. That is one of the many reasons why it is important to know all the alternatives that are out there. Herb Affair focuses on providing their customers with wide-selection of highest quality organic herbs, teas, soaps, essential oils, as well as many other products to a healthier body and soul. Taking care of our health is essential just as completing our education. This time they would like to help students get a quality education without having too much worry about paying for college tuition. They are giving away a $1,000 Herb Affair Scholarship Award to students enrolled in a college program. Applicants can get their chance at the scholarship just by simply submitting a 500 word essay. This is an annual scholarship that has a deadline on July 31st every year. Since there are not many alternatives to education, students can focus on alternatives to medicine after applying to the scholarship. It might be time to head to Whole Foods in order to find alternative medicine. Students studying alternative medicine might have even greater opportunities in the future since it has been evolving.

Legacy Lending Group Scholarship – $1,500

Finance and Business majors have been on the rise. More and more students are pursuing these majors in hopes to have an open job opportunity when they get out of college. With so many job opportunities out there, students are rushing to get their degrees in order to land an evolving career. Legacy Lending Group is here to help students get to those dreams by taking some worry away when it comes to paying for college expenses. Legacy Lending Group is a brokerage company that offers mortgage solutions to fit every individual’s needs. They are a company that people can trust since they focus on helping individuals avoid losing their home or business. Due to the recession that everyone went through, many people almost lost their jobs and homes, while some lost it all. Legacy Lending Group has helped many recover from the recession. This time they would like to help students put some extra cash in their pocket. They are giving away a $1,500 Legacy Lending Group Scholarship Award to a college Finance or Business student with the best 500 word essay. Students must be pursuing Finance or Business and need to have a 3.0 GPA or greater in order to apply. Last day to apply for the scholarship is November 30th annually. Legacy Lending Group would like to help students reach their educational and career goals by taking this scholarship opportunity. This is a great decision for those students struggling with their finances or those financing their education themselves. It is a great opening towards success.

Green Home Improvement Scholarship – $1,000

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We are constantly striving to find ways to have a greener planet in order to improve our health and our environment. We have lost so much of our natural resources that our air, water, and food quality have become depraved. In order for our lives and health to improve, people need to focus on having a healthier, greener planet. Many people have come up with useful ways to improve our style of living as well as our planet. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular because people not only get to save some money on gas but there is also reduction in emission equaling less pollution. Solar energy is becoming even more popular where people can warm their homes and pools simply from the heat of the sun. HomeAdvisor Inc. is one of the leaders of free professional online home improvements that offer the best tools and resources to a better home living. Their online expertise helps homeowners repair their own projects and even find better ways to improve their homes. They are offering the annual $1,000 Green Home Improvement Scholarship to a student that builds the best essay on green home improvement. Students must be seniors in high school or currently enrolled in college to apply. All students are required to do is submit their essay of 1,000 to 2,000 words on green home improvement and submit it by the December 15th deadline. We would like to hear student’s ideas and thoughts on how we can improve the service we provide. We are hoping the scholarship and others like it, with the help of services like Scholarship Owl will help students make those changes in the future.

Home Alarm Educational Scholarship – $500

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Locking doors of our homes does not necessarily mean that we are safe. We need to take the right measures to keep our home and family safe. Even businesses are not safe and keeping it safe requires more work than we thought. That is where ADT comes in. Our safety is the number one priority and in order to keep our business and home safe many people get ADT monitoring security in order to live a more peaceful lifestyle. Canada Home Alarms offers 24/7 ADT home monitoring security as well as protection from floods, fire, and other potential emergencies. ADT has always been there for people’s homes and businesses. People can count on ADT to feel secure in their home and especially while away from their home to simply go on vacation without having worrying about their home and valuables. People today are able to take control by being able to monitor their homes from their smartphones or other electronic devices. Canada Home Alarms are also giving away a $500 Home Alarm Educational Scholarship to students towards their college education. Students must be planning to enroll or already enrolled in college in order to apply. Students are to submit their response of 500 to 700 words by the December 31st deadline. With this scholarship opportunity, students are able to help secure their education and their future.

Smiles in Los Angeles Scholarship – $1,000

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When people choose a major, it is really important to choose the right major since their future depends on it. It plays a big role in all the decisions that people need to make such as whether they need to open up their own business or whether they need to take a long training course to prepare them in their field. Choosing a wrong major makes people realize that they will most likely not be able to fulfill their dreams where many people end up changing their minds and end up going back to school. When students change their major it brings them back a couple of credits or even years and forces them reconsider everything. It is important for students to choose the right major because choosing the right one will bring many opportunities at their doorsteps and students can get themselves prepared for what the future will bring. Smiles in Los Angeles Dental Office would like to help students make the right decisions by offering them a $1,000 Smiles in Los Angeles Scholarship. As a dental office, they offer complete dental care to get a healthy, happy smile. This time they would like to offer students some help when it comes to college education. Applicants need to submit an essay of 1,000 words in order to be considered for the scholarship. The student with the best essay response gets their chance at the scholarship money. Best of all students can be pursuing any major or field of study. Students might even come to realization that they made the right decision in choosing a major after submitting their essay. Students have until February 18th to apply.

Road To Success Scholarship – $1,000

Everyone needs change once in a while and change can always bring people some good by giving them newer possibilities towards a better future. Whether it is buying a new house or moving to a new location, new opportunities are always hidden around the corner. Equally, new opportunities are usually good opportunities. National Transport has helped many people move from one place to another. National Transport offers vehicle transportation throughout the world. Whether it is by truck or a ship they will transport vehicles safely and on time. They ship cars, trucks, RV’s, as well as many other forms of transportation to their destination. This time they would like to transform one student’s life by putting them at ease at getting a college degree. National Transport would like to give undergraduate and graduate students a chance at a $1,000 Road To Success Scholarship Program. Students must be accepted or enrolled in a college program in order to apply. Students need to be a U.S. or Canadian citizens and must be 18 years of age or older. Students only need to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words in order to apply for the scholarship by the November 7th deadline. The contest usually opens in July and ends in November every year. The time has come for students to put some effort into an essay in hope to lower their tuition expenses. With the tuition being on the rise, students can feel at ease by saving some money towards higher education.

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