Minerva’s National Scholarship Program – $2,000

Minerva’s National Scholarship Program has proven to be successful in helping one female student each year by giving them greater assistance in achieving a college education.  Minerva Associates and the American Business Women’s Association have been supporting education to aspiring business women.  As a leading software company, Minerva Associates has decided to team up with ABWA in hopes to help create a scholarship for students and to help them achieve higher education.  As a national organization, the American Business Women’s Association has been providing opportunities to business women by helping them team up and help each other become more successful.  Female students pursuing any field of study can apply for this $2,000 Minerva’s National Scholarship Program.  Applicants must be female students and enrolled in college to apply.  In order to apply, applicants are asked to submit an essay of 500 to 700 words along with their contact information and a short personal biography.  Being that this scholarship opportunity is an annual scholarship, students have until December 31st each year to apply and are given plenty of time to submit their application.  A winner will get chosen and awarded by the end of January the following year.  The funds will go towards tuition or books and a check will be mailed to the winner’s educational institution.  Female students that get chosen for this scholarship will be role models for other students and will have a chance to become leaders one day.  This great opportunity helps aspiring business women move forward with their education and assists them in being able to focus on their future career.

Mind the Gap Scholarship – $1,000

Mind the Gap has been looking for students with great amount of passion for music.  They have always focused on providing businesses with hold music and messaging services and they would like to award students that best elucidate how music has influenced them in every aspect of their life.  In order to help students further pursue their course through their college years, Mind the Gap would like to bring students an opportunity to apply for the Mind the Gap Scholarship.  They know that education is important and now they would like to give two scholarships a year to students with passion for education.  Two students will have the benefit of attaining a scholarship where one will be awarded in the Fall and one for the Spring semester.  Each student will receive a $1,000 scholarship and put the money towards their education.  Those wishing to apply need to be full-time college/university students enrolled in an accredited institution in America.  Even graduate students can apply.  Not only do music students have a chance at this scholarship, but this opportunity is open to those pursuing any field of study.  Students are asked to put together an essay of 300 to 500 words on how music has influenced them.  Being that this scholarship is an annual scholarship, the deadlines are usually in December and in May.  Winning applicants will have their check mailed to their school and will have the opportunity to save money on books and tuition.  Mind the Gap knows that getting an education can be difficult and they are hoping that with the scholarship students will be able to pursue their educational goals.

Innovative Smiles Scholarship – $500

Innovative Smiles Scholarship is an opportunity given to students who are seeking higher education and wishing to save money on their tuition.  Innovative Smiles considers education to be extremely valuable and would now like to help students accomplish their dreams.  Just as much as they believe in beautiful and healthy teeth, they consider education to be substantial to a better and a meaningful future.  They have focused on bringing smiles to their patients and this time they would like to bring smiles to students that work hard to achieve a college education.  Students are given a chance to earn a $500 Innovative Smiles Scholarship in hopes to becoming academic champions.  Applicants must be attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university to apply.  Students must also be U.S. citizens to qualify.  Although this scholarship opportunity is being offered by a dental office, it is not only open to students pursuing a Dental degree but also to students of any major.  Applicants are required to submit their contact information along with an essay of 1,000 words or more on their accomplishments and career aspirations.  Students have until January 18 to apply and are given plenty of time to make themselves stand out.  Best of all, this is an annual scholarship that is awarding one student each year.  Students with quality and the greatest work will be considered and the top candidate will get the funds towards their college education.  Students should put a great piece of work that is worth remembering the writer.

Paving the Future Scholarship – $2,500

The Paving the Future Scholarship is about giving students an advantage when it comes to getting a degree and pursuing a career.  Discount Park and Ride believes in the importance of a post-secondary education and knows how imperative it is to save money on something beneficial.  They have been focusing on helping travelers save money and this time their focus is to help students save money while pursuing a college education.  They are offering a $2,500 Paving the Future Scholarship contest to current college students with great business plan ideas.  Students are given a chance to turn their business ideas and to make it into the perfect business plan.  College students are invited to apply by simply submitting their business plan and contact information.  Applicants are to put together a 700 word minimum business plan and submit it by the June 15th deadline.  Students with the most powerful business plan are then selected to create a video of their idea.  The student with the top idea and the most creative work will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship towards their schooling.  This scholarship opportunity empowers students while also awarding them for their hard work and creativity.  This great opportunity will surely help one student save money on their education.  Being that most of the scholarships average about $1,000, this $2,500 opportunity is definitely a big delivery.  Discount Park and Ride  takes pride in helping their customers save money.  Students are now given a chance to be proud of themselves for earning such a big award.

SoftwareProviders.com Scholarship

SoftwareProviders.com believes that education is the most important facet when it comes to building a future career.  They believe that students deserve their chance at higher education even when it comes to dealing with the difficulty of paying for tuition.  SoftwareProviders are proudly offering four $1,000 scholarships a year to help students achieve their dream of getting a college degree.  SoftwareProviders.com has been the place to get the resources to finding the right software that meets everyone’s needs.  This time they want to help students with their needs.  Students are now given a chance to focus all their time on their studies and less on ways to pay for their schooling.  This scholarship competition is being offered four times a year with the deadlines on January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th.  Best of all, it is an ongoing competition and the next competition opens the day after the previous deadline passes.  With that being said, students can apply any time and again for the next scholarship competition if they did not get their chance the first time.  Applicants are required to be enrolled in college or a university and to be U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents.  Students are asked to submit an essay of 600 to 800 words on the topic given.  Each quarter will be having a different topic for students to focus on.  This scholarship competition will be offered to students on an annual basis.  Best of all, the winning essays will be posted on SoftwareProvider’s blog.

Mission Vacation Scholarship – $500

Mission Vacation believes in the importance of getting a college education and in helping students pursue their dreams further.  As a premium vacation rental, Mission Vacation has been all about vacation time and relaxing while having fun.  They believe that it is student’s turn to have some relaxing time since school can be overwhelming and expensive.  With that in mind, they are proud to offer a $500 scholarship to students that are pursuing a college education.  All students that will be attending a 4-year college/university full-time in the U.S. are welcome to apply.  In order to apply for the Mission Vacation Scholarship, students are asked to submit an essay on the topic of up to 500 words and a short explanation of up to 200 words.  Students have from May 1st to March 31st the following year to apply which gives students plenty of time to put together some great written work.  Being that the annual deadline is on March 31st, one student will get chosen as a winner on April 30th each year.  Any work that is submitted afterwards will be considered for the following scholarship competition.  Mission Vacation believes that every year people need some time off and each year one student will get their chance at some.  This is a great opportunity being offered to the youth of America in order to help them find success since education is extremely important today.  One outstanding student will get their opportunity to relax and to enjoy their study time knowing that they saved some money towards their college tuition.

Ronald D. Weiss College Scholarship Contest – $2,500

New scholarships are just another opportunity where students can earn extra money towards their education.  Although it may just seem as if it is only one extra scholarship, but it could also mean an extra couple of thousands of dollars in their pocket.  Ronald D. Weiss College Scholarship Contest is a perfect example of that.  Being a Long Island Attorney, Ronald Weiss would like to announce a new scholarship contest to students pursuing a college degree.  It is a new scholarship that is giving students a chance to earn an extra $2,500 towards their college education.  Ronald D. Weiss, P.C. is a law firm that deals with bankruptcy, foreclosures, and other consumer law protections to help businesses and individuals steer clear of debt.   Applicants need to be enrolled in a college or a university or planning to enroll for the upcoming year to apply.  Students are required to be in a good academic standing with their current school.  Students under 18 will need to get their parent’s approval.  In order to apply for this scholarship, students are asked to submit their original essay of 500 to 1,000 words by the April 17th deadline.  A winner will get chosen by the end of the month and will receive the funds.  This law firm knows how hard it  can be to get a college education and how hard it can be to finance it, so they decided to give students a chance to take a load off their shoulders since it is what every college student worries about.

National Home Improvement Scholarship – $1,000

As an essay-based scholarship, the National Home Improvement Scholarship is looking for students that can put together a great essay that stands out from the crowd, and in return, will award them with a $1,000 scholarship.  The National Home Improvement, Inc. has been assisting individuals and businesses with home improvements and this time they would like to help students advance in their educational and future career plans.  High school students that are about to graduate high school and students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in the U.S. are welcome to apply.  Applicants are given a chance to prove themselves in their essay as in why they are a good candidate for the scholarship and how they will use their education to help others in the future.  Students are brought to a challenge to put together an essay of 1,000 words that equally awards students with a $1,000 check.  Students have until May 1st to apply and to put together an essay that has a great selling point in order to get the judges attention.  Having an essay that is worth remembering makes the judges want to put it on the top of the whole pile of applications right away.  There will be more well-written essays, but it is the unique work that gets remembered.  The top essays will have the advantage if the student showed their persistence through their work.  National Home Improvement may be all about home improvement, but this time students are given a chance to improve their education.

Soccerloco’s National Scholarship Program – $2,000

Soccerloco’s National Scholarship Program is an essay-based scholarship that was created by Soccerloco and the American Business Women’s Association in order to support female athletes in achieving a college education.  ABWA has been supporting women pursuing business-related careers and assisting them in getting an education, gaining leadership, reaching professionalism, and more.  ABWA would like to give female students an advantage by giving them a little push and a little support in their education.  They are working together with Soccerloco to assist female athletes and by helping them get a $2,000 Soccerloco’s National Scholarship towards their college education.  Applicants must be a female student and currently attending an institution of  higher education.  Applicants need to submit an essay, their contact information, and a short personal biography by the deadline.  The essay must be on the topic given and be written in 500 to 700 words.  The personal biography must be in 150 words or less.  This scholarships program is offered once a year and it opens in the beginning of March with the annual deadline usually towards the end of every December.  Applicants are chosen based on their written work and the quality of their essay.  The reason for this scholarship program is to help women move forward in their life and become future role models to the younger female generation.  One student will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship to defray the cost of their college education.  The lucky female athlete will be contacted by email and phone and will get funds towards books or tuition by also getting a nationwide notice.

HR Technology Scholarship – $1,000

The HR Technology Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship that is hoping to help those students that have passion for technology while also pursuing a degree in Human Resources.  Interested students are invited to apply and submit their work for their opportunity at a $1,000 scholarship.  HR Software Insight would like to help students achieve a Bachelor’s degree with the help of a scholarship by having them share their ideas on the impact that technology has on Human Resources.  HR Software Insight has been assisting businesses that have been seeking the best Human Resource Software by offering expert research and resources.  Students can apply for the HR Technology Scholarship by submitting an essay of 600 to 1,000 words along with their contact information.  Students must be U.S. residents and be seniors in high school or in an undergraduate program to apply.  Students in a good academic standing are highly preferred.  Applicants have until March 31st to submit their application.  One winner will get chosen on April 30th and will receive a $1,000 check in the mail.  Students should share their knowledge and their own ideas on how technology makes an impact on HR from their point of view.  It is a great opportunity for students since it can make an impact on their education and their future.  Scholarships serve to defray the cost of higher education and with this opportunity students are asked to submit some great work for even greater rewards.

The Levin Firm Scholarship – $1,000

New scholarship opportunities are trying to get students to be more social and to share their ideas with their peers and in return earn money towards their education.  More often students are asked to share their work on a blog or to a social media and to get the most votes to win.  The Levin Firm Scholarship is a perfect example of that.  The Levin Firm is a law firm based in Philadelphia that has worked hard to help accident injured victims and their loves ones get justice and to win their case.  With that being said, they would like to give college students and those students that plan on attending college a chance to win funds towards a college education.  They have been representing injured individuals and this time they wish to see how well students are able to represent themselves.  Those wishing to apply for this scholarship can apply anytime given that the scholarship is being offered twice a year with deadlines usually in February and July.  Nevertheless, student have a whole year to apply and two students will be chosen a year.  Students should represent themselves the best they can by promoting their work in order to stand out and get the most votes.  Students will only need to submit an essay of 500 words or more and students that get chosen as finalists will be required to share their essay to get as many likes and shares.  Students with the most likes and shares will be chosen as the final winner and will get awarded with a $1,000 scholarship.

Golden Asp College Scholarship Essay Contest – $1,000

Competing with others, whether it is people or a business, requires that one stands out from the rest.  Whether it is a name or image, it is about having people remember you for.  Golden Asp has worked hard to have a unique image that makes customers come to them for having rare items that will make many have desire for it as well.  Golden Asp has a great collection of unique prom dresses as well as accessories at great prices.  Ladies seeking distinctive dresses can find their dream dress for a prom, wedding, or any other occasion.  Golden Asp is now giving students a chance to be unique and to stand out by offering students a scholarship competition.  Every year, students get a chance to compete for the $1,000 Golden Asp College Scholarship Essay Contest.  Students wishing to apply for the essay contest must be full-time U.S. high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors.  Applicants need to share their ideas on the topic given and should put all their effort at creating an exceptional essay.  Students can express their thoughts in 1,000 words.  This is their chance to stand out and to have the judges remember them through their work.  One creative writer and thinker will be chosen and awarded each year.  Students may pursue any field of study, just as long as they are focused on the topic given.  Students should grab their chance and put all their effort to stand out since scholarships can make a big difference to many students.

Design Your Future College Scholarship – $1,000

Many people like change while others are fine just where they are.  Change is always good and it can frequently bring new openings and even new chances that many people do not even know that they can experience.  It is time for students to plan their future by applying for the Design Your Future College Scholarship.  This scholarship is giving students a chance to earn a $1,000 scholarship towards their college education.  Distinctive Windows would like to see how well students present their knowledge and in return, to see their ability on showcasing their designs.  Distinctive Windows looks to bring new design ideas to their customers by offering a variety of window needs.  Students that have an immaculate amount of design ideas and that wish to bring their ideas out in the open are invited to apply for the Design Your Future College Scholarship.  Students must be high school seniors or college students to apply.  Students interested in interior design, architecture, art and design, and any other related major are welcome to share their ideas.  Applicants will be required to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words with a short cover letter by the May 25th annual deadline.  Those that wish to apply for the Design Your Future College Scholarship and other scholarships should visit ScholarshipOwl.com.  ScholarshipOwl is unique for its scholarship application service where students fill one application to apply to all qualified scholarships.  Students wishing to speed up their scholarship application process should try ScholarshipOwl.  It helps students save time and focus on their education.

BusinessPlanToday Scholarship – $1,000

With so many new businesses launching, it is important to know what the steps are to reaching success and how to actually get there.  Business plans are a good beginning to constructing a business and eventually generate out the plan to an ideal venture.  The BusinessPlanToday Scholarship is a great opportunity for students that can help them prepare for the career world and get a head start by gaining experience and knowledge.  Students get to learn about the world of business and how to keep it on its feet.  They has been helping entrepreneurs get a head start with their own business plans by showing them the steps to eventually turning their business ideas into reality.  This scholarship is open to students that are high school seniors and students currently enrolled in a university full-time.  International students are also given an opportunity to receive educational funds and are welcome to apply.  Applicants are required to submit a business plan executive summary and a short personal biography by the deadline.  This annual scholarship opens every January and has a deadline in December.  This time, BusinessPlanToday would like to see student’s abilities at putting together a business plan executive summary and award one student with the $1,000 scholarship for creating the most outstanding business plan.  It is important that students make sure that they business plan is unique and creative, while also being persuasive.  The student with the best business plan will be awarded the funds for the following spring semester.  Hopefully, in return, this scholarship opportunity will help many students get prepared for their future business plans.

Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship – $1,500

New scholarships not only award students with money, but in fact, students get a greater chance at winning since there may not be as many applicants due to the fact that it is new and students may not take notice of it.  PhlebotomySchoolCareer.com would like to introduce their first annual scholarship by offering a little bit of support to students working hard to get a better education and an outstanding future career.  Phlebotomy Schools & Careers looks to find schools for those seeking training in phlebotomy and now they are hoping that with a scholarship students will be able to pursue their dreams further.  This annual $1,500 Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship is open to all students that are in a college or a university pursuing a degree.  Furthermore, students may be pursuing any field of study to apply.  Whether students are pursuing a medical field or a legal field, all students get a chance to improve their education.  Students are only required to present an essay of 700 to 1,000 words on the topic given and they have until May 1st annually to submit their work.  The best place to apply for the Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship and others similar scholarships is on ScholarshipOwl.com.  ScholarshipOwl is known for its unique collection of scholarships and especially for its easy application process.  Students will not be required to fill each and every application, but as a matter of a fact, students are only asked to fill one application and can automatically apply to all.

COIT Scholarship – $1,500

The COIT Scholarship has been giving many opportunities to students and a chance to apply for a $1,500 scholarship.  Each competition brings something new for students to try and gives them a chance to earn money towards higher education.  Students had many different opportunities to apply from videos, essays, blogs, and even to making a cleaning checklist.  COIT is all about keeping things clean by offering the best cleaning services to those in need.  They are giving students a chance show their talent at keeping things clean and by offering the best submission a scholarship towards their education.  Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program to apply.  Best of all, even international students can come and apply.  Since each competition brings something new, it is important that students show what clean means to them.  This time students need to submit an essay of 250 words or fewer and to make their essay stand out.  This is one of those scholarships that do not ask for much but give out more than students can expect.  This scholarship is offered a couple of times a year so deadlines may vary.  This scholarship competition is open until August 1.  Greatest of all, the best submission will be featured on the website as well as on the social media to spread the word and teach others some tricks.  In order to apply for the COIT Scholarship, please visit ScholarshipOwl.com and get started on a new adventure.  ScholarshipOwl has many other scholarship opportunities where students are only asked to fill one application to apply to all scholarships that they are qualified for and in return, they are given a chance to earn more money for a lot less work.

Green Home Improvement Scholarship – $1,000

Annual scholarships are of paramount significance especially when students are given plenty of time to put together an ideal application.  Green Home Improvement Scholarship is an annual $1,000 scholarship that will one award student with the best written essay on the green home improvement.  HomeAdvisor, Inc. has become a leader in assisting with the best tools and resources to a better home improvement.  They would like for students to get a better education in order to have an improved future.  This scholarship is open to seniors in high school and students that are currently undergraduates and graduates in college or a university.  Students must be 18 years of age or older and legal U.S. residents to apply.  Applicants will need to submit an original essay of 1,000 to 2,000 words on green home improvement by the deadline.  This scholarship opportunity opens in February and students have until December 15th to apply.  HomeAdvisor, Inc. will award one student every year in mid January for having the most creative essay that stands out from the rest.  The goal of this scholarship is to educate students about the future and the new green ways of home improvement.  Students have an opportunity to apply for the Green Home Improvement Scholarship along with additional scholarships that they are eligible for through ScholarshipOwl where students will be required to only fill out one application for all.  ScholarshipOwl seeks ways to help students go through a faster process of applying for scholarships by also giving them time to focus on their studies.

Medical Billing and Coding Scholarship – $1,500

With so many students working while attending school, it may be hard to balance the tasks between the two.  Those hard working students deserve to get awarded for such commitment and for their endeavor towards a brighter future.  The Medical Billing and Coding Scholarship is a new scholarship opportunity and a perfect chance for those students balancing work and school.  Medical Billing and Coding Schools is an online source to all schools that offer medical billing and coding training classes.  They are now offering students a $1,500 scholarship towards their collegiate studies.  This annual essay-based scholarship requires students to submit an essay of 600 to 800 words on the topic given.  Students will have until April 1st to submit their essay in order for it to be considered.  Students must be part-time or full-time students attending an educational institution and where they have worked at least ten hours a month in the previous months.  Students must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the U.S.  Lastly, students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher to apply.  The greatest thing of all is that students do not need to be pursuing a medical field in order to apply and that this opportunity is available to students pursuing any field of study.  MedicalBillingCodingSchool.com believes that this is a great chance for students where they can help them ease the burden of multitasking and by providing support to those in need.  The main focus is having more people that are dedicated to their future.

JUST POETRY!!! National High School Poetry Scholarship Contest- $500

Attention high school students!  This scholarship contest is only for high school students!  Instead of writing many essays just as many scholarship competitions require, students are asked to write a poem.  It is certainly a lot less work for great amount of funds going towards your education.  The Live Poets Society of New Jersey is offering the JUST POETRY National High School Poetry Scholarship Contest to all students attending high school.  Students get a chance to earn some money towards their education.  Applicants are only required to submit their original poem of 20 lines or less by the deadline.  Best of all, it can be on any topic of their choice.  Applicants must be high school students to apply.  This scholarship contest is being offered four times a year with a chance to win each quarter.  The deadline for the Fall quarter is June 30th, Winter quarter is September 30th, Spring quarter is December 31st, and Summer quarter is March 31st.  Students can apply for each quarter that is being offered.  Best of all, many students will be awarded.  Each quarter, there will one $500 “Poet of the Year” winner, four students will be chosen as $500 Issue’s winner, and an additional four selected as $100 chosen winners.  Hundreds of other students will be chosen as winners as well, will get noticed, and get published along with all top winners in the quarterly magazine.  This scholarship opportunity gives many students a chance to win money for their education.  It is easy, rewarding, and awards multiple students.

FormSwift Scholarship Contest – $1,000

FormSwift Scholarship Contest is one of the simple and fun scholarships that do not require much work but that will be giving a $1,000 scholarship to the winning student.  Students are given a chance to be creative by showing their skills and in return, to get a scholarship towards their educational costs which have been on the rise.  Students are able to choose how they want to apply as well as choose a topic as to what they want to focus on.  FormSwift has been there for individuals and businesses by giving them an opportunity to build their own commonly used forms such as variety of applications and W-2’s.  They would like to help students seeking a college degree by offering them a scholarship.  Students can apply by choosing one of the topics given and by submitting a one-page business plan, a 2-minute video, or a brief power point.  Students must be between the ages of 16 and 35 and must graduating high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors to apply.  This is one of those rare scholarships that is being offered to individuals that decide to return to school even at an adult age.  The student with the best work will be receiving a $1,000 scholarship to use towards their college education.  This scholarship is being offered a couple of times a year.  Best of all, students can be pursuing any field of study.  This is great chance that is giving students an ability to focus on building their own future with a little bit of assistance.