Tips to Apply to Top US Colleges

Every parent wants their children to seek admission in one of the top colleges so that they can find new ways to excel in their career. The increasing inclination of the students towards the US universities or colleges has opened more options before the international students who were waiting for such an opportunity.  You can come across the best colleges of the United States that not only provide the right opportunity to grow but take your career to a new level. Whether you are a high school student or a graduate, you can easily explore various programs that can be helpful for an individual.

But a question arises as what is the cost of education. The universities of the US charge a lump sum amount of money in the form of their fees which is definitely not feasible for everyone. This is the reason that most of the students drop the idea of coming to US for their further studies.  With a number of options for financial aid available, one can definitely choose the best among them.  Student loans, self help aid etc are some of the options that are better but still you will have to repay the money that you take as a part of your kid’s education. On the other hand you have the merit aid which is given to students who have received high scores in their academic or have special achievements in their name.

If you are looking for some more merit aids in and around the United States, you will certainly find a number of options open before you.

Top colleges that offer merit aid

Here are the top ten colleges of the United States that offer merit aid on the basis of the academic record and the individual’s performance.

1. Belhaven University

2. Blue Mountain College

3. Denison University

4. Mississippi College

5. Ferrum College

6. Rhodes College

7. Hillsdale College

8. Mayville State University

9. Cooper Union

10. Armstrong Atlantic State University

So if you are seriously looking for a scholarship to meet your financial aids, you can definitely try in the above colleges or universities as they are reputed and well offer a number of merit aids to the deserving candidates.

The whole idea of providing the merit aid is to boost the confidence of the students who have done well in the past and can come forward with flying colors. There are many students who work hard and reach at the top position. If their work is not appreciated, they will get disheartened and this can also bring down their interest in the studies. That is why the universities of the United States are making an effort to offer merit aid to all the students who have scored the minimum eligibility marks decided by the university. On the basis of the application received, a merit list can be prepared and the students can be provided with the aid.

So it is all about helping the students in providing better opportunities to move ahead in life and reach their target.

Scholarships for US Christian Universities

Want to enrol in one of the Christian colleges or universities but do not have the funds to pay the fee? Do not get puzzled as there are lots of options through which you can easily pay your fee and even receive money for additional expenses. Though some of the universities even offer the facility of loans or fellowships to the students but scholarships are considered to be the best of all. It is because they are easy to avail and there are plenty of scholarships that you will come across in this category.

The basic aim of these scholarships is to help the students to easily manage their college education without putting any burden on their parents. There are different criteria for providing the scholarship; it can be based on the academic performance, personal achievements, association with the church and lots more. So no matter what the reason is but the Christian scholarships are highly beneficial for the students who want to study and make their career.

So let us explore the different types of Christian scholarships that you can apply for.

Calvin Christian College

Calvin College is one of the most reputed institutes of Michigan offering a variety of scholarship programs to assist the needs of the students. National merit scholarship is one of the popular scholarships that grant an amount of $10,000 to the student and it can be later renewed and extended to a maximum of four years. Similarly you have another scholarship called as the Trustee scholarship which offers an equal amount to the individuals for completing their further studies.

Anderson University

The next Christian College in the list is the Anderson University which is also a popular name among the students. This university also offers a number of scholarships including Matching Church Scholarships that offer an amount of $1500 to the students so that they can pay the fee of their college and also accomplish the other basic expenses without any problem. Christian Leader Scholarship is another option that you can apply for. It offers an amount of $1000 to the students who have excellent leadership abilities or are associated with the different religious activities of the church. You can renew this scholarship for the next four years and complete your graduation without any tension.

Belmont University

If you have planned to join Belmont University, you can easily avail plenty of scholarships that are offered for the benefit of the students. The first one is the Turner scholarship that offers $7500 to the students who have performed well in their high school and are in need of financial assistance to complete their higher studies. Similarly you have another scholarship known as Ingram Diversity Leadership Scholarships that offer full tuition fee of the college but intakes students who have an outstanding record in their academics and also possess the leadership traits as well.

If interested in joining any of the above colleges or universities, apply for their respective scholarships in advance. This will increase your chances to avail the scholarship and you will be able to overcome the financial crisis as well.

Benefits of Becoming Part of a US High School

Many parents have the eagerness to send their kids to US for their high school studies. It is because the environment of United States is very nice and it is quite easy for the kids to adjust with the new surroundings.

Are you planning something like this? United States is definitely a wise choice as there are a number of reputed institutes which offer exceptional education facilities to the international students and make sure that they strive towards the path of success.

Since US is a new place for the kids, it will be better that they have prior information about the customs existing here and the kind of education pattern that is being followed. This will help the children to cope with the difficult situations easily as they already aware of the academic as well as the social environment of the United States.

There are a few good schools in the US where you can apply and seek admission for your kids.

The top schools in US are:-

• Mountain Brook High School

• Parkview High School

• Northside College Preparatory High School

• DuPont Manual High School

• Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School

• Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

• Savannah Arts Academy

But the question arises that how the international students will benefit being a part of the US high schools. Here are some of the excellent benefits that they can enjoy.

Explore the basic concepts of English Language

Though English Language may seem to be a very easy language but it takes years to become a master of this language. Starting from any early age can definitely be helpful and that is why joining the US schools can help you a lot. This is the reason that many students from China and other nearby countries join such schools to enhance their power to speak and write well.

A unique teaching experience

International students get a chance to explore the American teaching style which is very popular in the US and other countries. This style can be fruitful for the students who wish to pursue their higher studies in US and want to get enrolled in the best college. As you are already familiar with the teaching trends, you will be able to enjoy a good atmosphere and get exposed to the right opportunities as well.

Easier to apply to colleges after completing high school from the US
If you are planning to continue your studies in US, this can definitely be a great option. You are very well familiar with the culture as well as the admission procedure therefore there are higher chances that you will perform better and easily get admission in comparison to the other international students.

Social transformation

Have already being studied in US; the students are full of confidence and can easily adjust in any atmosphere. A new student may take time in understanding the people around and the prevailing culture, but on the other hand the high school students are just happy. From day one itself they start enjoying their new life as they know a lot about the culture, education trend which helps them a lot.

Get Admission in Top USA Colleges

Scholarship is a great way to manage the cost of the education without having any burden on your family. There are many students as well as professionals who wish to go for higher studies but the high cost of education prevents them from applying to such institutes. With the help of the best scholarships, one can easily find a solution to this problem and get a good amount of financial assistance to pay the fee of their college and manage their personal expenses as well.

Nowadays there is a huge trend among the students to move to other countries for higher studies and avail better growth opportunities. Among the different countries, the USA is one of the highly opted countries. USA is renowned for its top colleges, institutes and universities that focus on their education and make sure that the students receive the right kind of exposure in whichever field their work. The degrees received from such colleges are highly reputed and it becomes quite easy to find a job for yourself and get settled.

The best thing about the USA scholarships is that it is open for the international students which mean that anyone around the world can apply for it. Though there are numerous scholarships being offered to the candidates depending on their requirement but it is very necessary to opt for the best scholarship that connects you with the right program to take your career to a new level.

Scholarship programs available in USA

The international students who are looking forward to pursue their studies from USA can easily make full use of these scholarships and seek the admission in the top college and for the best program. Some of the scholarships that you will explore are:-

• Arkansas University Scholarships

• Darthmouth College Scholarships

• York University Scholarships

• Columbia College Scholarships

• American University Scholarships

• Iowa State University Scholarships

• Michigan University Scholarships

• Berea College Scholarships and lots more.

These are some of the scholarships that you can enrol for with many more available over the internet. There are no charges for searching the scholarships so take time in researching about the various scholarships and how you can benefit from them.

How to apply for the above scholarships?

Every university or college has its own way of receiving applications from the students for their respective scholarships. In order to know more about the procedure, you can take the help of their official website and find out the requirement. You will have to fill up the application form and support it with documents. Some of the universities even ask for the letter of recommendation that usually comes from your school or college. Do inquire about the eligibility criteria as well and make sure that whether the scholarship is open for the international students or not.

Once you are completely satisfied with your research, you can enroll for any of the above scholarships and wait to get the approval. The initial short listing will be followed by the interview thus leading to the final selection of the students who will be offered with the scholarship.

5 Ways to Achieve Proper Education

We all want to get a great and highly paid job. Everyone knows that proper educational background is the ticket for completing this dream but some students fail to achieve proper education or go back to their schools due to lack of financial resources. The economy of the United States of America is not in its good condition right now which is the reason of financial instability and dramatically decreased numbers of school enrollees.

If you are struggling to attend school to get further education or back to continue your studies, don’t worry because it is not a last edge of the educational path for you. There are many alternative techniques which you can use to pay college expenses. Each financial aid has many packages available for the students’ support. Scholarship can provide you enough finance to pay the tuition fee and all other education related costs.

A common concept is that “grant or scholarship” is the monetary award which is offered to intellectual persons and gifted kids to complete their studies for free. Did you know that a majority of students who enrolled in the college are not continuous or fresh students from high schools. Most of students are currently doing their jobs and want to go back to college to pursue a higher education degree to get the latest knowledge for promotion or for the right career path to success.

Finding a most appropriate scholarship needs a lot of time, patience, and efforts but the good news for you is that after making the too much effort, you are being granted with a free money successfully. The searching is the tough part that you should have done. Following are the 5 scholarship categories that you may consider to get financial assistance. All these types of scholarship are simple and easy to apply and win.

Wells Fargo Scholarship Program

You just need to sing up for the online program and you will automatically registered for the college STEPS Sweepstakes scholarship. You don’t need to pay any hidden charges or purchase any item to enter and compete for the sweepstakes. High school seniors can avail this opportunity and win at least $, 1000 as a tuition prizes.

Designing a Greeting Card

The Prudent publishing company is the main funding source for this contest. The gallery collection for prize competition is held annually. You must be more than 14 years of age to be participate in the contest. Create your own birthday card, Christmas card, holiday card, and all occasion greeting cards to win as much as possible amount of $10,000.

Military Based Scholarship

Don’t be confused, you never need to join the military force to win the scholarship. Simply fill out the application and apply for it.

Scholarship for Single Dads

The federal government is providing an enough funds for single father all across the USA. The program offers them financial aid to finish the highest educational degree of their choice. They can get high financial assistance of $ 10,000.

Scholarship for Single Moms

If fathers are allowed to go back to attend college, mothers can too. Register and avail the opportunity to win the $10,000 as a grant.

Now, now you have several options to pursue the degree of your choice. 2013 may be the luckiest year for you to secure the grant or scholarship.

How to Calculate College Expenses

Paying the educational cost has become more difficult because the college expenses are increasing faster than inflation. At this crucial situation, scholarship from different sources such as, private organizations, colleges, and the federal government has dwindled. Hence the scholarship award from several funding sources has become a reliable solution for graduate and undergraduate student to fill up the difference between cost and finance.

In order to avail monetary support to fund your educational cost, you need to take some important initiative to find out the best scholarship program for which you are eligible to apply and win. Nowadays, there are many financial aid programs that published online for your easy access which allow you to get up-to-date information and submit the application form faster and quicker. Following are the guidelines that can support you to discover the right scholarship through the powerful tool (internet).

• Begin your search as soon as possible.

All the scholarship programs have their own criteria and deadline for application submission normally immediately after the first semester. Some financial aid programs are provided on the first-come-first-get basis. They may have stopped receiving applications from deserving students even before the due date if they had received too many applications. That is why, be hurry and begin hunting your appropriate scholarship as soon as possible. It is never too early to grape free money even during your junior level of high school or sophomore.

• Take help from search services.

Although, you can use search internet to search scholarship programs but it will waste your efforts and time. There are many legitimate websites that give you access to a huge database of funding sources which you can find out easily by just submitting an application form. Luckily, these services is almost free. You can utilize these effective services to search for free money and to save valuable time and money. The best thing is that you can submit an application form quicker if you are eligible to do so.

• Look up the college’s website.

Institutional website is the gold mines for detailed information about financial aid. If you are thinking where to look for it, first visit the admission page because it contains detailed information about scholarships. Study the listed programs to find out the area of your interest. Then visit the college funding sources page to know the application requirement. If you are the student of graduation level, visit the graduation section to check the university funding from external sources. Not down the contact details for further information.

• Look for a particular website through search engines.

Put the word “scholarship” at the search bar of leading search engine such as Yahoo, HotBot, Bing, and Google. They will give you the result of thousand options and most of the time you will discover the program which perfectly match to your qualification. Don’t waste your time to review all. In order to save your time and find an appropriate scholarship using a search engine, you should limit your finding with the help of precise keywords. For example, if you are interested in a doctorate degree, then enter the keyword “medical school scholarship”, it will give you more relevant results.

At the bottom, the internet is the best way to get latest information about grant and scholarship and submit the application faster.

How to Use Scholarship Money

Most students spend a ton of time finding scholarships to use in college, but then they don’t know how to put those awards to good use. If you have recently been awarded money to pay for your schooling, you may be a little confused as to what it can pay for. Should you use it for food? For books? For rent? For tuition? Where is all of this money supposed to go? Those are the kinds of questions that we are answering in this article, just to give you an idea of how to use money while you’re in college. Read on to find out how to apply your scholarship funding to your life as a college student.

Tuition and Fees
When your scholarships start to come in, they will get deposited into a large account that mixes them all together. The school is going to take out the money for your tuition and fees first because it wants to get paid. This all happens before you start having control of your money, unless you receive cash scholarships directly in the mail. That rarely happens, so just assume that your tuition and fees are automatically going to come out of your scholarships. Then you will hopefully have some money left over to use on other expenses.

Dorm Rent
Some scholarships can be applied to room and board, but the “room” is conditional. For the most part, you will need to live on campus to use this money for your rent. The school will take your rent directly out of your scholarship money, just like it would with tuition and fees. You may have a few awards that you can use for rent in an actual apartment, but don’t expect that to be the case for every scholarship. You will have to read information about your specific financial aid opportunities to learn more.

School Supplies
You should be able to use scholarship money to pay for your books, computer, binders, pencils, paper, and other supplies for school. The catch is that you have to buy your supplies on campus to do this. Some colleges will allow you to get money back from school to use on your own, but most of them will hold your money in a special account. If you are attending that kind of university, you will need to go to the student union to get your school supplies.

Living Expenses
If you have excess money in scholarships for a certain semester, you may get a check back from your school to devote to living expenses. You can use this for food, insurance, clothing, or whatever else you want. Ideally, you need to use this money for purchases related to your education. If you don’t want to do that though, you will have the freedom to use your money however you want to. Just remember what your scholarships are designed for, and try to respect their purpose in the end. If you can do that, you should have no problem getting the most out of your scholarships in the future.