5 Ways to Speed up Scholarship Applications: Part 2

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Get through Scholarship Apps Quickly and Easily (Continued)

Look for Multi-Purpose Applications

In some cases, you can apply for multiple scholarships through one application. This usually happens when you apply with a large organization or with a school. For instance, you might apply for entrance into a certain college and not even have to apply for scholarships at the school. If the app passes admissions, it will be sent out to financial aid for review. Then they will contact you with any scholarships you might qualify for so you can figure out what else you need. The same happens with clubs that offer multiple scholarship opportunities, like the Elk Foundation or the Freemasons. Try to find as many double-duty applications as you can, and you won’t have to apply for as many awards.

Choose the Right Scholarships to Apply for

You may just need to be selective in the applications you fill out. Look for no essay scholarships that you can complete in two minutes or large awards that could cover most of your costs. You should still apply for everything else, but you might put those applications on the backburner. Try to pick a couple to complete a day, and then you won’t be bombarded by 12-hour app sessions. Once you start making them a part of your routine, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Remember that scholarships come up all throughout the year, so you need to stay on the lookout for them. Don’t let your need for speed cause you to neglect your need for next semester’s financial aid.

Get Prepared ahead of Time

At the end of the day, the best way to speed up your scholarship applications is to prepare for them well in advance. Gather multiple copies of your transcripts, recommendation letters, and test scores, and have them ready for whenever you need them. Pre-write your essays and find several scholarships to apply for at once. Then you can just push through them like you would anything else. Fill out as many apps as you can, and you’ll soon be able to pay for your education.



5 Ways to Speed up Scholarship Applications: Part 1

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Get through Scholarship Apps Quickly and Easily

Most college students don’t enjoy applying for scholarships because, quite frankly, it’s a pain in the butt. Every application seems to take an hour or longer, and you have to fill out a billion applications just to pay for one semester. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to cut that time in half? Lucky for you, there is. Here are 6 ways to speed up scholarship applications so you can get the most financial aid possible.

Use Form-Fillers

You can use a program online to save basic information you fill out for every application, like your name, address, birthday, and phone number. Sign up for a free account with LastPass or a similar site, and then you will be able to download an add-on for your web browser. If you are logged in when filling out your applications, you can opt to save your form information when you complete a form. Then you can have the program fill out the form data for your next application.

An even better option…

An even better option than a form filler is to use a program like ScholarshipOwl to send out scholarships for you. All you have to do is complete one application in the beginning, and the program will do the rest of the work for you. Scholarship Owl matches students to scholarships they may qualify for, and they offer a dedicated inbox for all of your scholarship applications. You’ll get through a lot more in a lot less time with something like this by your side.

Pre-Write Your Scholarship Essays

You can pre-write some of your scholarship essays to use on multiple applications. You may have to tweak them to specifically suit the scholarship in question, but you won’t have to write something from scratch. Try to make the essays somewhat versatile in length, since some applications require much longer essays than others. You should be able to edit out information from a 1,000 word essay to make it fit into 300 words. Here are some popular essay questions you might want to answer in the pre-writes:

  1. How will a college education impact your career?
  2. What is the importance of your major in today’s society?
  3. What are the most important issues surrounding your field of study today?
  4. What have you done so far to prepare for your career?
  5. How have you established yourself as a leader in your community?
  6. Who has been the biggest influence in your life, and what have you learned from that person?
  7. What opportunities have you gained from having a good education?
  8. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  9. If you could meet one person in history, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask?
  10. How would a scholarship impact your ability to get an education?

You might not come across any of those topics specifically, but they should give you a good starting point to build from. Then all you’ll have to do is add a few sentences related to the prompt in your application to make things work.

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Applying for Scholarships

 Applying for scholarships is like applying to universities all over again.  Students just finished the application process with the university they got accepted to or perhaps they filled multiple applications in hopes to get accepted to one at the least.  Better yet, it is best to apply for scholarships even before  entering college.  Applying for scholarships requires the same amount of work in hopes for the student to reap the awards for one or possibly multiple scholarships.  It is important for students to understand the application process and to know all the necessary documentation that will be required to be submitted in order to apply for scholarships.  Students should keep in mind that each scholarship has its unique requirements and students should read all instructions before applying.

The first and the easiest way to apply for scholarships is through online applications.  Students are able to apply for a scholarship through their home computer or laptop just as long as they have all their required documents to submit with the application.  Most of the easy scholarships do not require any documents other than the application itself.  Most of the online applications require students to complete an application fully and might even ask for previous work experience, community service involvement, activities, rewards, and more.  Students are more often than not required to upload documents such as their essay, transcript, cover letter, proof of enrollment as well as other required documentation.  Some scholarships might ask students to mail their work such as pictures or videos in addition to their online application.  That is rare, however, only a few scholarships require more than one way to apply.  The best thing about online scholarships is that students will get to see the congratulations page and know that they have successfully submitted their application.

The second most accepted way to apply for scholarships is by email.  Students are usually required to submit their contact and school information as well as an essay.  This is true for those essay-based scholarships, but for other scholarships as well.  In addition to that, some scholarship providers ask students to submit other additional documents similar to the ones mentioned earlier.  When it comes to email applications, students are asked to put all necessary information either in the body of an email or for it to be attached to the email.

Some scholarship providers ask that all application documents be sent by mail.  They prefer the hands on instead of depending on the virtual applications.  The scholarship providers that prefer everything be sent by mail are usually those that prefer to see student’s work such as their pictures, hear the voice on a CD, or see a short film made by the student.  Documents such as letters of recommendation and transcripts are usually asked to be mailed by somebody other than the student themselves, usually from another individual or an educational institution.

Although some, but not all scholarship applications could be sent by fax.  It all depends on scholarship providers and their requirements.  The fax number will be found on the application page and students should pay close attention to making sure they follow through all the regulations.

Lastly, some community organizations or member societies ask students to submit their work in person.   Although it is very uncommon, but scholarships provided by such organizations ask that students can submit their application packet in person to their nearest location.  This is another way for students to make sure that the application was turned in on time and that it was successfully submitted.

As mentioned earlier, some scholarship providers do ask that students apply two different ways or perhaps three ways whether it is by mail and online OR email, online, and mail.  Students that choose to apply individually for each scholarships might have more work to do, since all scholarship applications are alike and each scholarship requires certain documentation to be submitted as well.  Although that can be time consuming, there is an even better way to apply to all scholarships that student wish to apply for and are eligible for.  ScholarshipOwl.com helps students apply to all scholarships with one simple application.  ScholarshipOwl has put together an online application that lets students upload all their necessary information and documentation and, in return applies students to all scholarships with one click.  Students can find out more by clicking on the link ScholarshipOwl.com and find out more.

Best Way to Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships, Scholarships, Scholarships!

Whether you are a high school student or currently enrolled in college. Finding extra money for school can be a great help. Scholarship money can help pay for tuition, pay for books or simply accommodate your daily expenses while hard at studying.

When looking for a scholarships one of the most important rules is applying cannot hurt. Really, the worst that can happen is that you are turned down. The encouraging part of applying for scholarships is that when you do begin to get feedback from the providers, it can be a huge confidence boost. Scholarship providers are looking to give their awards to deserving students, not the other way around. The more you sign up for scholarships, the higher your probability of getting some of that much needed extra money.

Here at GetUSScholarships we have a few suggestions on how to better prepare for scholarship hunting.

1. Make sure to have all your personal and scholastic information ready – Most of the process starts with filling out form after form. Most of the registration forms ask for similar information, the better prepared the quicker you can get through the registration.

2. Choose a Major- If you are already in school, you are good to go. If you are still deciding what you want to study, determining a major can help open the door to higher value awards for specific majors.

3. Prepare Essays- Most scholarship providers will ask for some form of essay or short answer questions. A large number of the essays are similar. Having a few essays perepared in advance can go a long way.


Application Advice

We come to that time of the year when the application processes begin to get started. College applications, scholarship applications, job applications, admission forms, and many more.

Explaining to some one who you are by filling out a bunch of lines on a paper and a short answer question or two, can be a challenging task.

Did I describe myself enough? Did I leave something out? Should I embellish where I can to make me look better? Why am I doing this if I wont get in anyway?

These are questions asked by many and getusscholarships.com is here to tell you to stop asking them and start filling those forms out.  As solutions come about to help shorten application processes and stop redundant tasks, the repetition and endless forms can help separate you from the rest.  Showing you are committed enough to go through the tedious process of the final year of high school is a true testament to the kind of student you will be at the next level. Sure its tiresome, but its what has to be done and those who do it succeed, which is why it still exists.

GetusScholarships.com will help locate services geared toward easing the application processes that come with your final high school years. We will also update you  on new awards and scholarships and opportunities to finance the next chapter of your student life.

What helps the best is a level of commitment to the applications themselves. No one knows you better than you, and what a way to show it by simply filling out forms relevant to you and writing some on how and why you are doing it.

Keep up the good fight and welcome to the next chapter of your education

Required Skills to Write a Resume for Scholarships

The resume is the most essential part of the application for scholarships. If the resume of the applicant is quite effective and eye catching, then it can be the point of differentiation among applicants. Many applicants feel difficulties in wiring best resume for their applications. This article will be very helpful to write a resume for scholarships. Applicants can get great help finding out different ways to write an effective resume.

• In your resume, you should mention your proper name along with the title of Mrs or mr.
• The address of the applicant with the contact number must be provided in the resume.
• You must be very careful about the spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in the resume.
• In a valid resume, you must mention your academic achievements. Like your CGPA and % ages. If you are applying for an academic based scholarship, then it will help you to win the scholarship.
• You must mention your athletic achievements in the resume as well. You can include your sole performance or the performance of your team.
• If you have some arts abilities, then you can also mention these abilities in your resume. You should enter all the art competitions and all the trainings that you acquire during learning.
• You should enter all the work experience and your other interest in your resume.

All these points will not only make your resume attractive and appealing, but you can have a positive edge on other applicants. The panel may select you on the basis of your best resume. So you must show commitment with your work. All the mentioned activities should be authentic otherwise you will be disqualified from the competition.

Experts for Scholarship Applications

If you are new to apply for a scholarship and you do not have any idea about how to send your application for any program, then you do not need to worry. You can take help of scholarship experts for sending your application. These scholarship experts can also tell you about different scholarship programs by government or any other sources. They can guide you in all the application process and advise you well about the kind of scholarship you want to get interested. The scholarship experts are able to provide you information about the myths of scholarships.

Usually there are a number of wrong concepts about the scholarships in the mind of the applicant. Most of the students think that scholarships are only for the brilliant students who have high grades and GPA in their academic career. No doubt, that the scholarships are provided on the basis of previous educational history or needs of a student, but there are also such scholarships that are provided on the basis of genuine financial reasons. All the scholarship experts can also provide you information about the grants for the needy students.

You can get the scholarship forms free of cost from the scholarship experts. You have to simply fill them and submit to be in the list of applicants. Along with the scholarship forms, the experts and also tell the date of the scholarship application, availability and criteria of the scholarship. When you need to get scholarship in order to complete your higher education, you must keep in mind, the difficulties and problems that may be waiting for you.

You must have knowledge about all the problems and frauds, if you are going to apply by online means. You should apply only for those scholarships, for which you can fulfill the criteria. For this purpose, you can read different articles and get aware of all this process before sending the application.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship Applications

Privacy of the applicant is extremely essential. All the sponsors are responsible for the privacy of the information of all the applicants. Along with the form, the sponsors provide all the rules and regulations about the information of the applicants. This notice of rules and regulation is provided on the home page of the sponsor’s website.

Dart Cookie and Google Adsense

Cookies are used by the Google to provide different ads on different kinds of sites. Visitors can visit different ads on websites by the use of DART cookies. All the information of the applicant is saved in the cookies and can be reused again. It is up to the applicant either he wants to share his information or not. If the applicant allows the website owner to share his information then the owner can use or sale the information. All these rules are made social, legal and ethical.

Information of the applicant

When a visitor or an applicant visits and grant or scholarship based website, there are different things that are noticed like the IP address of the machine, time and date of log in. All this information is gathered by the administration of a website. This information helps the administrator to view different trends among the applicants and other visitors. Moreover the applicants can also sell this information to other websites, if they have taken permission from the applicant providing information.

Links of other websites

Some of the scholarship websites provide links to other related websites on different pages. The privacy policies of these websites may be different from the scholarship websites. Therefore, the applicant should be very careful while providing the information on either site.

Changing in the privacy policy

The privacy policy of any website can be changed any time. You should always read the rules of the website before sending the application even if you have already sent the application a couple of months before.

A Successful Technique for Scholarship Applications

The scholarship application process is similar to the process taking admission in a college. You just need to research well and decide the program for which you are qualified among the available options. You will need to work hard to impress the selection board that you are the right candidate for award money be writing an attractive essay and providing a proof in the form of recommendation letter and achievements.

To apply, everyone has material to mention. You need to focus and concentration on some points like presenting yourself and your aims in personal statement or essays and showing your performance in extracurricular activities. It is not essential that a successful condition of one applicant will be useful for another. When it comes to the matter of application for financial aid, you need to be honest and sensible and find your own options and abilities carefully.

Start a search for available funding options. You can contact with the school counselor to ask about application detailed information and use them to complete the form. Check the requirements carefully to know are you qualified for the specific program or not. Never miss the due date to get possible financial help. As a potential applicant, it is good to maintain proper files that consist of detailed information regarding financial grant. Maintain a separate file for each applied program.

Transcripts, forms of scholarship, parents’ financial information, test scores, letter of recommendation, essays, and eligibility proof is the common documentation for most scholarship programs. Before sending the application, it is advisable, check all the provided details to rectifying any grammatical or spelling errors. It is a good idea to proofread your essay by your professor. Make sure, you do not leave a single part of the application form blank.

Follow all the direction carefully to ensure that the application is readable and legible to read. Ensure that the application is singed properly. Make a copy of application and documents to be used further. Also keep a receipt carefully, if you received as a proof that you have applied for the scholarship. The above mentioned tips will help you to complete the application procedure successfully and you will not miss the golden opportunity due to silly mistakes.

Stay Organized While Preparing the Scholarship Application

Filling a more than one application form for financial aid can create a big hassle for you. Rewriting academic background, personal information, and extracurricular activities again and again is very irritating. With the help of latest technology, the information will be organized so that you can easily use it to fill out the form. You can save it on your computer whether with an online application or manual word document. Here are some tips to keep your financial aid portfolio organized.

Record every achievement , award, or honor in any digital format or word document where you can easily recall them. Free money award determine on your activities completed from 9th to 12th grades and undergraduate period so, keep track of your activities including leadership positions held, and volunteer hours. The earlier maintained track will help you to easily fill out the scholarship application, especially when you are a senior high school student and try to balance your packed schedule.

Scan or photocopy your paper application before submitting it to keep a record copy for you. In case of online submission, save a PDF of all pages to have a record of the submitted applications. Keeping a record copy of the submitted application will help you to apply further. Keep track of discovering scholarship opportunities for online and paper application into two separate folders. Maintain records as, program by upcoming deadline, uncompleted or completed application. You should do it on your computer.

Make a spreadsheet with program date, name and deadlines, ensure to don’t miss any due date. Different financial aid programs come with different deadlines. You can maintain excel spreadsheet with due dates or online calendar with reminders. Students are always on the lookout for free money opportunities if you will stay organized cannot miss any due date.

Scholarship Application Mistakes Can Cost Your Dream

The scholarship application is a complicated procedure with numbers of forms, important details, and multiple deadlines to meet. It is very common that a little mistake may occur and these mistakes can be very costly for the free money dream. Fortunately, a good and careful review system of organization is available to avoid these kinds of errors. Remember, the financial aid and admission offices of your institute are also available to help you in this regard, so don’t hesitate to contact or email them in case of any doubt.

Ignorness of deadline for scholarship can be very costly. You may be confused with one due date to another if you are applying for a multiple scholarship package. Attach a sticky note to each application to make it prominently displayed. Spend adequate time in researching for scholarship and complete the application forms , if not , there will be a chance of hasty mistakes. To avoid these errors complete the application step by step and as soon as possible.

Every year some scholarship is the grants are left unclaimed because of lack of awareness and absence of eligible applicants. You will be surprised to know about the amount available for students’ help but unluckily these treasures are still undiscovered. Search and apply for the program that will fit to your qualification and requirements. Never underestimate the resources and don’t think that the competition is very tough to attain.

FAFSA form can be submitted online but be careful while using the internet to access the form. Use the online FAFSA form only at Federal website because it offers free services. Any private organization’s website may charge a fee against the submission of the FAFSA form. In fact, it is the free application at all cost even the help is available for free. You will not need to pay a penny for any assistance or submit the FAFSA form for scholarship.

Remember, give the answer to all the questions. Some questions in the FAFSA form have an answer of “zero”. Make sure to put a zero rather than leaving an empty space. These blank spaces can cause to the rejection of the form.

Sample Application for a College Scholarship

Finding a scholarship program for college among various available financial aid programs is very difficult task. You need to read and understand all the instruction and the norms before applying to a each scholarship program. You need to take care while providing all the necessary documents along with the application form. Every scholarship program has samples of applications for college scholarship on its website. Take help from there and effectively prepare the documents for the application process. Remember, all the students don’t qualify to apply and also not all the applicants for the financial aid can win the award money.

So you need to search for the suitable program at which you are eligible to win the scholarship according to your achievements, abilities, and parameters. Once you have analyzed your abilities, you can easily select the most suitable and appropriate financial aid program. Remember, well organizing and honesty is very important rules to apply for the scholarship program. Maintain all the necessary record in a separate file for each program so everything will be in your hand during the time of verification and interview. It is very valuable to supply all the accurate and proper information while completing the instruction of the application form.

The sample of application for college scholarship will enhance your condition to winning the financial aid and support you to complete the application procedure effectively and successfully. However, the sample is the technique of taking guidelines to follow the instructions, format, and style. Don’t try to copy any material directly otherwise you will feel embarrassed. Always remember, the donor or members of the panel are looking for the original work through which they can determine your academic excellence and abilities. So, it is good to write in your own words to explain your qualities and achievements.

Your high school remarkable performance specially extracurricular activities are helpful to increase the chances of impressing the panel for the scholarship. Start searching and preparing yourself at least one year before you actually needs the financial assistance. It will give you enough time to prepare yourself and guide you to choose among the plenty of options. Carefully read the sample of application for college scholarship to know and understand what the donor is searching for.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship

You can get the sample of recommendation letter for scholarship from the advisory department of your school, if you want to apply for any financial aid program. Many students may feel it very difficult, overwhelming, or confusing to complete the scholarship application procedure. There are many factors that should keep in mind while filling out the information in the form and must be checked and rechecked the form along with the documents before submitting the application. Finding out the right or authentic person to write the recommendation letter for the scholarship is the most problematic thing. The main importance behind the recommendation letter is that it has the ability to increase and decrease the chances of winning the award money.

Therefore, when you are required to supply the recommendation letter along with the application and other documents, make sure you have selected the accurate person the write the letter of recommendation. The person should know the aim of your career and studies. You may also ask to provide brief information about your rewards or achievements in every educational field. Remember, don’t think anything less important or less effective to maintain and don’t avoid any minor achievement. Infect, you never have a scale to determine which of your achievement will impress the panel and will be the cause of winning the scholarship.

You can get the sample letter of recommendation from the advisor of the school and attach it along with the application form. Your essays must be well written and customized and must take care about the expectations of the donor while writing it. Stay organized and focused while completing the application procedure for different financial aid program. Search for the scholarship options as soon as possible so that you have a lot of choices to take financial benefits. Be attentive and follow the guidelines and instructions to successfully and effectively complete the application process.

Present the application details in such a way that will help the members of the panel to understand your abilities, aim, and achievements. Be honest and provide all the accurate information along with the sample of letter of recommendation for financial aid from the advisor of the school or college to maximize the chances of winning the award money.

Improve the Chances of Your Success with Effective Application for Scholarships

Different grants and scholarships are available to those eligible students who are finding difficult to meet their school or college expenses. The application process for scholarships is easy but lengthy and time consuming. You should prepare yourself to spend some time and effort in finding out the appropriate plans for financial aid. This aid will help you to complete your study dream without any financial disturbance. Fortunately, you will not have to repay the aid amount like a loan. You will not need to worry about its aftereffects as well. You may advise to use the money as directed and follow the norms or instruction of the donor.

State, federal, and local governments are the great means of student financial aids. Besides, there are some leading organizations that provide financial support to those students who have passion to complete their studies. The finance provided by the profit or nonprofit organizations is offered to those students who are facing economic crises. Some foundation and private business also playing a part in providing grants and scholarships but the selection process may be depends on different points or conditions. Every scholarship program has some limitation or norms and most eligible student is selected for the award money.

The application form should be error free so, pay attention to fill out the information while submitting. Make sure, there should be not a typographical, grammatical, or spelling mistakes. Check and or check the form again and again. Make sure, you have put all the necessary information and there is empty column is left. Applying the scholarship form in such a way that it clearly represents your eagerness and need for the financial aid. Take care and caution while filling out the instruction given in a form and attach all the documents required for the process of the scholarship.

Grants and scholarships are available under different categories so financial help also varies from modest nature to full tuition. It is good advice that students should apply for those programs which they qualify. Read and understand all the related instructions carefully and follow the instructions completely. Submit your application with confidence and positive attitude, do not underestimate the selection panel. Staying organized and honest can give you an extra flavor while submitting the application.

Improving Your Chances of Getting a College Scholarship

Getting a college scholarship may seem downright impossible nowadays, but it may be easier than you think. If you prepare well ahead of time, you should have no trouble winning some awards to help you pay for college. The key to all of this is to adjust your education and activities to accommodate what most scholarship committees are looking for. If you can portray yourself well on an application, you should be able to earn money to fund your education. Here are some tips to help you improve your chances of getting a college scholarship.

Keep Your Grades Up
Having high grades will give you the best chance of getting into college, and it will also give you the best chance of earning a scholarship to pay for school. You may not think that your grades mean anything right now, but they could impact the amount of debt you are in in the future. You need to make an effort to do well on your tests, essays, and homework assignments so that scholarship committees will see that you are committed to your education. This will give them confidence in granting you a scholarship.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities
Judging panels like to see applicants that are well rounded, so you need to make an effort to participate in activities outside of school. Join a club, play sports, or become an active member of the community. The more involved you are, the better your chances of winning will be. Just make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin because that may end up hurting your grades in school. Get involved just enough to impress the review board, and you’ll be happy that you spent the time doing so.

Become a Leader
If you have the opportunity to become a leader in an organization you are in, you need to take it. Scholarship committees often look for leadership characteristics when they assess their applicants. Leaders are the ones that often do well in college because they want to be the best at what they do. If you can show your leadership potential to a scholarship review board, you may win money to support your goals in life.

Volunteer in the Community
Judging panels love to see community service information on applications. This shows that an applicant is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help someone else have a better life. You could join a local organization that serves the community, or you could volunteer at events whenever you have free time. Any project that you help out with will make a difference in your scholarship applications.

Think about the character traits that would identify you as an outstanding college student. If you can fit the qualities that a scholarship committee is looking for, you should have no problem winning money to use in school. Then all you have to do is uphold those qualities as you complete your education so you can succeed with your job applications.