Design Your Future College Scholarship – $1,000

Many people like change while others are fine just where they are.  Change is always good and it can frequently bring new openings and even new chances that many people do not even know that they can experience.  It is time for students to plan their future by applying for the Design Your Future College Scholarship.  This scholarship is giving students a chance to earn a $1,000 scholarship towards their college education.  Distinctive Windows would like to see how well students present their knowledge and in return, to see their ability on showcasing their designs.  Distinctive Windows looks to bring new design ideas to their customers by offering a variety of window needs.  Students that have an immaculate amount of design ideas and that wish to bring their ideas out in the open are invited to apply for the Design Your Future College Scholarship.  Students must be high school seniors or college students to apply.  Students interested in interior design, architecture, art and design, and any other related major are welcome to share their ideas.  Applicants will be required to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words with a short cover letter by the May 25th annual deadline.  Those that wish to apply for the Design Your Future College Scholarship and other scholarships should visit  ScholarshipOwl is unique for its scholarship application service where students fill one application to apply to all qualified scholarships.  Students wishing to speed up their scholarship application process should try ScholarshipOwl.  It helps students save time and focus on their education.

Logomaker Scholarship Program – $2,500

Another fun and exciting scholarship is the Logomaker Scholarship Program.  This scholarship program is looking for creative students with their own ideas that can put their great work in writing.  In return students will not only be awarded a diminutive scholarship, but in fact, a $2,500 scholarship.  Logomaker is not asking for much, however they are giving away a big reward for a little bit of hard work.  Logomaker is an online company that designs logos for businesses at a decent price.  Their main focus is to make eye-catching logos and this time they are looking for students that know what it means to have a good logo.  Brand designs have gotten many companies well-recognized and Logomaker would like to see  if students can represent themselves with similar talent.  Students must be undergraduate students attending a college/university in the U.S. and may be pursuing any major.  Students studying graphic design, fine arts, or commercial arts have a greater advantage since they are preferred, however all majors are welcome.  Students are asked to submit an essay of 500 to 700 words along with a cover letter that includes a short biography by the deadline.  Students have until July 31st annually to submit their work and one student will be awarded each fall.  Funds will go towards student’s tuition and a check will be mailed to the educational institution.  Winners will get notified by email so students should keep checking their email.  It is time for students to get their name out by submitting their best work in hopes to get a scholarship.

International Gem Society Scholarship – $,750

Are you interested in studying science? Looking for a scholarship for your favorite major? If Geology is one of your choices you have found a good one.

Many people find geology interesting and see the important role it has in mapping our history.  Geology introduces us to our physical landscape and helps understand how better to protect the environment.  It holds important answers to the evolution of Earth. We depend on good geologists to introduce us to our history and what is awaiting us.  The International Gem Society is an online resource group that offers information on gems.  The founder of IGS, Donald Clark enjoyed sharing elements on gems and geology and now in honor of him, IGS hopes to get students interested in geology.  We would like to brighten up one student’s future by giving them a $750 scholarship towards their college education.  It is not necessary to be enrolled in geology ; all students are eligible to apply.  The scholarship is for all undergraduate and graduate students.  Students may be studying education or psychology and are still able to apply for this great opportunity.  All students need to do is submit a minimum 1,000 word essay in order to qualify.  Best of all, this scholarship is an annual scholarship with the deadline in December and students are welcome to apply anytime.  The moment has come to get students involved and make an impact in the world.  One student will get a chance to pursue their career further by getting assistance towards their college education.


Emory University Scholarships for Arts and Science Students

Emory University Scholarships programs are excellent opportunities for international arts and science students. The University have strong commitment with the overall students of the world to enroll them in any degree program and provide aids and financial help to the students. A number of scholarship programs are offered to the undergraduate students of the world.

All the students who are not the permanent residents of the United States of America can apply for the scholarship. As there are a huge number of applicants that apply for the scholarship, but in contrast to that the number of scholarships provided by the university is limited. So all the applicants try their best and work hard to get the winning position.

The University of Emory arts and sciences has hired a committee so that they can review all the applications of the applicants who are interested in getting scholarships. The members of the committee will review all the applications one by one. It is up to the committee to decide the criteria of reviewing the applications. Most of the times, the applicants are reviewed on the basis of the academic history of the applicants and the financial needs of the applicants.

Sometimes, the students have strong financial needs to fulfill their educational requirements, but on the other hand they are not brilliant enough to get the scholarship. Such students must have a strong record in sports. This process is very much helpful for the students who do not apply for the admission in Emory University because of high charges of the university courses. Both the full fee and the half fee scholarship are provided to the students. The only condition of the students is that they should be enrolled in the full time study of the Emory University.

For the undergraduate students, this scholarship is for the tuition fee for four years. This scholarship is renewed after every semester and the students have to maintain their grades so that they may not be eliminated for the future scholarship awards. The international students can simply apply for the scholarships and there is not any extra requirement for the application. For this scholarship, the international student is one who is not permanently living in the United States of America.

Merit Scholarships

The Emory University offers a merit based scholarship for each program. A limited number of seats is fixed for the scholarship holders. After receiving all the applications, a list is prepared by the panel and then the applicants with the highest scores are invited for the further processing. The submission date for the application is 15th of November of every year. Usually 1500 scholarship applications are received by the organization and the number of awarded scholarships is 150. The award of $10,000 is provided each year. In this awarded money all the tuition expenses, room and fee expenses of the winning candidates are fulfilled. Every eligible candidate must apply for the scholarship, he has strong academic history and financial needs.

Berea College Scholarship for Talented Students

The best and remarkable opportunity for education is provided by the Berea College Scholarship. This opportunity can be gained by the excellent and talented students of the world. All the admitted students are provided with the tuition fee for the whole degree. Brilliant students can receive grants and financial aids from the other institutes that support them to complete their degrees.

Some of the talented students are also provided with the additional fees like room fees, text books charges and board fee. All this process depends upon the financial needs of the applicant. If the college has enough budget then these facilities are provided to almost all the selected candidates. This process is done only to achieve their goal like to support the students who have limited financial support and who are unable to study. Some of the examples of Berea College support are explained below.

Some outside scholarship and KEES.

Some students who think that the scholarship provided by the Berea College is insufficient for their study. These students also apply for some outside scholarships and KEES in order to fulfil their tuition fee. Most of the selected commit that the Berea College scholarship fulfills more than 75 percent expenses of studies. All the financial reward is provided by the institute then it depends upon the student about how to use the funds and what expenses should be paid first. For some expenses, students can use the outside scholarship funds at Berea College.

Miscellaneous expenses.

All the expenses of the scholarship holders are fulfilled by the cooperation and partnership of both the family of the student as well as the college of the student. Most of the times, all the scholarship holders are provided with each and every facility and aid therefore, they have to pay nothing even in the first year of registration. If you are able enough to contribute for your money even after getting the scholarship, then the institute will demand you to use your own money. Such funds are later on use by the institute to support another needy student. Some of the students who do not have enough GPA to get a scholarship, they are provided with loans so that they can also cope up with the environment and meet their educational requirements.

Tuition scholarship from Berea College.

Berea college has decided a limited amount of money to support the students. Some of the students get 100% tuition fee from the institute as the reward of the scholarship. The reward supports the full (4 years) degree to the students. All these funds are received by the support of the Alumni, other students who can afford the regular fee, any big organization that supports the institute and any other available source.

So if you are getting a chance to apply for the scholarship then do not miss the chance. It will be the best opportunity to get. Make yourself enough able to win the scholarship by achieving a high GPA and attaining a good position in athletic sports.

USA Academy Film Scholarship Programs 2013

There are only two film scholarship programs that are offered by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. This scholarship is only for the USA students. You can study different niches like theoretical and scientific aspects of motion pictures, cultural education, history education and educational studies. This organization accepts the information of the candidates only by mail.

It is also known as the research projects scholarships program. In order to apply for this kind of scholarship, the applicant must be a historian, scholar, writer or a researcher. The scholarship offered by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is not for the students of colleges or universities that are completing their degrees. Like these students, the employees and the members of organizations are also not eligible for the scholarship program.

The basic application requirements involve at least two copies of any kind of deliverable to the Academy, deliverable must be submitted in the lecture form, the support of academy in any promotional cause of social media, availability of the candidate for any kind of press related activity.

The Academy is providing $25000 for the grants. The payment is usually made in two parts, once at the time of commencement and the second at the completion of the project that is proposed by the applicant. All the other expenses like diem expenses, travelling, and lodging expenses are also covered by the Academy. These expenses are applicable, if the Scholars need to make their presentation of lectures.

In order to apply for this scholarship, the scholars must submit a complete application form, a statement about the project that should be about five pages that include footnotes and end notes as well, three page bibliography, a CV that contains the list of all the publications, all the project must be in professional format. Do not forget to mention the significance of the project in the document.

The deadline to submit the application form is 1st October, 2013.

Get Free Money and Avail the Opportunity to Get a Degree in Performing Arts

A performing arts degree can provide you good job opportunities and increase your earning potential. You can apply for one of the available program or combine them together. If you want to get the opportunity of performing arts scholarships you will have to search the courses for which financial aid is available. This is because these kinds of scholarship are provided for some specific courses and also accessible in selected colleges and universities. So, if your financial strength is depends on the award funding, you will have to check whether the scholarship is available for your decided discipline or not.

If you want to secure your future or better job opportunities with the support of degree in performing arts, you should search the performing arts courses that have good job future. To get the award money, must check whether scholarship is offered to your selected course or not. There is no need to take tension about the cost of the degree if everything is getting related. After completing this degree you will be able to get a handsome salary or an amount from the performing arts business. If you are interested to pursue an arts degree from a specific college or university, check whether the institute is offering any scholarship support or not.

Normally, performing arts scholarship funding is provided by the particular institute, private organizations and some individuals. After selecting a university or institute, check out all the options including local resources to determine who one is ready to provide you fund for your course. You can browse the search on internet because every financial aid program has a website which is updated with a latest programs available, detailed information, and its requirements as well. Every scholarship program has a specific criteria and guidelines for submission and all the programs does not accept the online application submission.

Once you have decided to apply for a financial aid program, you will need to collect all the necessary information about the program, the awarded amount, and the application procedure and requirements. All the factors are interconnected and has equal importance. Apply for the most appropriate program, only when you are satisfied that performing arts scholarships can support you and your needs for the course. Complete all the requirements of giving criteria and submit the application carefully.

Scott Evangelista Scholarship for Financial Aids

If you are in need of scholarship and do not know from where to start then, you can find a number of options available in different scholarship websites. When you find so many options, then the main thing is to identify your needs and kind of scholarship that can fulfill your needs. So the way you want to get the scholarship is merely based upon the interest of the user.

How to find a scholarship like The Scott Evangelista Scholarship?

The way to find out a scholarship becomes easy when you understand your real needs and your strengths. If you are best for sports then, you must apply for athletic scholarships. If you are best in academic, then you must apply for academic scholarships. There are also many other means like dance, music, painting and the arts. You can also apply for these scholarships as well. You can find a number of scholarships in these provided areas. The only thing is that you need to find out the tricks so that you can fulfill all the requirements for the scholarship.

Understand your needs

If you have strengths in any of your specialized areas like visual arts, academics and athletes, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is the area of interest. You should identify your area of interest first. So you should not wait for an invitation, you should simply go and join that program. If you are interested in any sport, then you can join any high school team. When you gain more experience, then you can get the letters of recommendations. You can get these letters of recommendations from the people you are working with. These letters of recommendations increase your chances to get the scholarship in the specialized area.

Limited number of scholarships

Sometimes, you do not find any scholarship when there are a number of scholarships in the market. The only thing you must have is the backup plan. With the help of this backup plan, you can do several things like finding a scholarship as well as finding other ways to get money like loans and government grants.

When you look for all your incomings and outings of finance for your education during your college life, you can make further plans as well. You should not hesitate to any sort of financial aid. There is another thing known as FAFSA that stands for fee application for federal student aid.

So never ever think that finding your needs can be easy. No doubt, it requires energy, time and effort. If you try best of yourself, you can easily do this.

Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship for Fine Arts Majors

The Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship is designed to help fine arts majors pay for their education in New York City. Applicants must be graduating freshmen from New York City high schools or current students at Barnard College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College, City College, Columbia University, (more…)

Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards for Art Majors

The Distinguished Artist Awards are designed to help art majors pay for their education at Hope college. The awards are issued to aspiring artists who show great potential in their crafts. There are several different kinds of awards available, so you can potentially apply for the one that best suits your artistic specialty. If you are planning to pursue a degree at this Michigan college, this could be a great opportunity for you. Before you apply for this scholarship program, you should know a little more about the work it entails. Here is an overview of the award so you can determine if it is a good fit for you.

The Distinguished Artist Awards at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $2,500 a year for up to four years
  • Number of Awards: 5
  • Minimum GPA: None
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Art majors at Hope College

Distinguished Artist Awards Eligibility Requirements
To apply for the Distinguished Artist Awards, you must be a student at Hope College. You must be majoring in some form of art, be it music, sculpting, photography, or something else along those lines. You do not need to meet any GPA requirements for this scholarship program, but academic merit will factor into your eligibility assessment. As long as your art is strong, you should be able to apply without issues.

Distinguished Artist Awards Application Details
If you want to apply for the Distinguished Artist Awards, you will need to submit a work of art to the person in charge of your specific award. Creative writing applications go to a different person than dance applications, so you will just have to contact the department pertaining to your award. You are welcome to apply for more than one award, but you will only be issued a maximum of two. This rarely happens. Hopefully your work is strong enough to earn at least one of these prestigious scholarships though. The only way to know that is to apply.

Furman University Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors

The Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors are designed to help art students pay for their education at Furman University. The program is specifically set up for incoming freshman, and it offers a number of awards to help those students get through school. If you are planning to pursue an art degree at this Michigan college, this could be a great opportunity for you. Before you apply for this scholarship program though, you should know a little more about the work involved with it. Here is an overview of the award so you can determine if it is a good fit for you.

The Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $1,000 to $4,500 per year for up to four years
  • Number of Awards: Varies by year
  • Minimum GPA: “B” average
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Incoming freshmen at Furman University majoring in art

Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors Eligibility Requirements
To apply for the Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors, you must be an incoming freshman at Furman University. You must have at least a B average from your previous schooling, and you must plan to pursue an art degree while in college. If you change majors at some point during your time in school, you will lose the remaining portion of your scholarship.

Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors Application Details
If you want to apply for the Scholarships for Prospective Art Majors, you simply need to apply for enrollment into the school. Once your application has been approved, it will be passed on to the scholarship committee for evaluation. There are tons of awards to qualify for at Furman University, so you should surely be eligible for at least one of them. Wait to find out how everything has gone, and hope for the best. You might have a decent amount of money waiting for you.