Swimtown Educational Scholarship – $1,000


Site presentation is the key to an online business’ success nowadays.  Having the right design and content is a start, but there are still some websites that are missing some key points.  The main focus is to see what exactly draws people’s attention when it comes to online presentation.  As an online pool supply company, Swimtown Pool Supplies is sure to offer the highest quality products available for pools and spas and they try to introduce their products with a proper presentation.  Swimtown Pool Supplies knows how hard it is to get started with a career and especially with online marketing.  This time they would like to help students find their success by helping bring down some college educational cost by introducing the Swimtown Educational Scholarship.  Students with interest in online marketing and technology can come and apply for the $1,000 scholarship.  They would like to hear what students like about other online marketing and production.  Students with interest in technology and passion for online marketing are highly encouraged to share their ideas and apply for the scholarship.  Students that are currently in their first year in college attending full-time or those pursuing an associate’s degree part-time are welcome to apply.  Students must be U.S. citizens or legal non-citizens to qualify.  In order to apply for the scholarship, students will be required to submit an essay of 350 to 700 words along with some contact information.  This scholarship is being offered annually to students with the deadline on April 30th each year.  The students with the best ideas will get their chance at a $1,000 scholarship.

Home Alarm Educational Scholarship – $500

Looking for some quick essay scholarships? The Home Alarm Educational Scholarship is a great scholarship to apply to. Here is more about it:

Locking doors of our homes does not necessarily mean that we are safe. We need to take the right measures to keep our home and family safe. Even businesses are not safe and keeping it safe requires more work than we thought. That is where ADT comes in. Our safety is the number one priority and in order to keep our business and home safe many people get ADT monitoring security in order to live a more peaceful lifestyle. Canada Home Alarms offers 24/7 ADT home monitoring security as well as protection from floods, fire, and other potential emergencies. ADT has always been there for people’s homes and businesses. People can count on ADT to feel secure in their home and especially while away from their home to simply go on vacation without having worrying about their home and valuables. People today are able to take control by being able to monitor their homes from their smartphones or other electronic devices. Canada Home Alarms are also giving away a $500 Home Alarm Educational Scholarship to students towards their college education. Students must be planning to enroll or already enrolled in college in order to apply. Students are to submit their response of 500 to 700 words by the December 31st deadline. With this scholarship opportunity, students are able to help secure their education and their future.

JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship- $500

We all had a favorite teacher that has made an influence on us and helped us learn better.  Those teachers were committed to helping us get further knowledge and study more in order to give us more opportunities in the future.  Teachers are idols and they serve a main purpose of what the future could bring for the students.  Being a teacher can be difficult especially because they work so hard to educate children, but their salaries are not good.  We would like to help those students who wish to become a teacher and who want to help students expand their knowledge.  JAM Paper and Envelope is a family owned business that is a supplier of paper products, office supplies, party supplies, as well as other supplies.  They offer the best products for every person’s needs.  They are constantly seeing teachers buy school supplies and teacher materials out of their own pocket.  Their main focus now is to help teachers for all their hard work and commitment.  They would like to help future teachers by offering a $500 JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship towards their education.  This scholarship is for students who are current college/university students that are pursuing a degree in Education or other similar fields.  We are looking for someone who is ready to make an impact on others and who is pursuing their career with a purpose.  The scholarship is being offered twice a year with the spring deadline being on November 15th and the fall deadline on July 15th.You can sign up for this scholarship and hundreds more, using only one form on ScholarshipOwl.com

Special Scholarships Program for Teachers in 2013

Are you a teacher or wants to become a teacher and need finance to complete your dream. There is no need to take burden of severe debts. There are a lot of scholarship programs which are designed to encourage the teachers to gain experience in any field.

Weather you are interested in learning specific education, or aspire to be experienced teacher, or already doing a job of teaching, you need not to worry about study expenses which you have to pay. There are a lot of financial aid programs which support you to continue your education without financial disturbance during teaching. You can get more information about available scholarship programs from financial aid office and departmental academic advisor of your institute.

In case you are still in process to complete your education, you can apply for the scholarship program to meet your cost during teaching assignments. There are different federal aid programs offered in 2013, you can also look to them to get details for the application process. In 2013, national scholarship program is designed for the students who wants to get degree in education major and become a teacher in that subject in future.

Moreover, some programs are designed to target teachers teaching in a specific field of education and wants to learn more. To apply, you have to submit a complete application form along with an essay, a resume’, transcripts, and letter of recommendation. Several private and government organizations provides financial support to the teachers who want to get more education. Some programs are provided on the bases of merit or financial needs and others are available on the bases of first come first get.

The scholarship program is easy to get as there are several sources which provides funding for this program. If you wants to complete your education or wants to study another subject, then here is a golden opportunity for you because there are several scholarship plans created in 2013 under easy to complete requirements. You can avail them to complete your educational dreams. Pay attention to follow the instructions and deadline to gain them successfully.

Travel Grants Facility for Eligible Teachers

There are many travel grants options for the teachers which facilities them to travel abroad and learn valuable aspects about different cultures and people. This is a golden opportunity for the teachers who wants to be beneficial by the richness of their learning and experiences. Any one who had gained enough school and university education will not play a moral role as a teacher in shaping students’ lives.

Since teachers are considered as nation builders so, awareness about the latest trend, changing technology cultures of the world, and social norms is essential for them. Teachers are a first source of information for students, giving them support of traveling to experience the world will help to present latest knowledge. Teachers who want to go foreign country to do further research can avail this grant. The scholarship program provides them a ways to learn new things.

There are numerous options teachers’ grant funding from the government or non-government organizations, public or private agencies, and MNCs to provide summer travel benefits to teachers. The grant offer and qualification criteria depend on school sector, educational level and other factors. Some programs cover all the travel expenses including boarding, private rooms, and eating facilities during the stay in a foreign country.

There are many financial aid facilities for teachers to cover traveling expenses to attend seminars for six or more weeks. This free money is normally awarded during academic sessions breaks so that they cannot miss their classes due to traveling. It is good to read all the norms and criteria about every travel grant package so that you are able to make wise decisions. To avail the advantages from free money, the common requirements are excellent performance as a teacher, a written proposal, a well written statement of purposes, and recommendation letter.

Travel grant is a valuable and golden opportunity for teachers to know and learn new culture and latest information. These will help the teachers to improve their teaching skills. Remember, the competition will be very tough when you are applying for the teacher grant because these awards do not require to repay the amount. To apply and win the grants successfully, must mention the purpose to travel abroad. It will provide you immense help.

Scholarships for Special Teachers

The teacher is a person who teaches students not only to get them educated but also to groom their personality and enhance their skills. Teaching is considered to be the noblest profession. Some of the people have a passion to teach the students while some of them teach the students to get them educated and earn some money to spend and meet their expenses. Sometimes, people are provided with different kinds of scholarships so that most of the people should opt this profession.

Most of the students get educated and seek for the job in the market. There are only a few people that opt for such a kind of profession. This scholarship encourages people to teach other students and opt for such profession. Teaching is considered to be the most respectable profession because you perform dual duty, one is to teach the students and you also work hard for the development of the bright future of your students.

By opting teaching as a profession, you not only get your teaching degree, but also you can also get the teaching scholarship in order to add some money in your real income. There is national as well local level of scholarships available for the teachers. You should apply for both of these. National scholarships have more competition of candidates rather than local scholarships. Therefore, there are more chances to win the local scholarships.

The only thing you need to do is to find out all the essential requirements in order to apply for the scholarships. Once you get and understand all the requirements, you will be able to apply for different scholarships successfully. The purpose of sponsors must be understood, so that you can apply for the scholarship according to the requirements of the sponsor or the organization. Once you get selected for the interview, then you must be able to impress the panel of judges. Try to perform your best and enhance your chances to get the awarded money.

Scholarship Programs Allocated for Georgia Teachers

There are various scholarships and grant programs that are planned for the students so that their cost of education can be alleviated to some extent. Other kinds of scholarships for Georgia teachers are also offered to those who have a passion to do something in the prestigious career of teaching. The award money helps the students to cover the necessary expenses in pursuing a degree of teaching. They can also find out the ways for higher educational degrees to become a highly qualified professional in Georgia. These financial aids are available in different forms such as, some loans will be reimbursed while some loans are granted on forgivable bases, awarded to eligible students. Now a days, three types of scholarships are available including for current teachers, for students have wished to service as educator in Georgia, and for those students who are interested in a teaching profession.

Once you have decided to take financial support then search the right category which will suit to your needs. The next important step is to thoroughly analysis the scholarship program available in that category. Check the requirements relates to the particular scholarship programs and see whether you are able to fulfill all of them not. Your request will be accepted, if your application fulfills all the prerequisite requirements for the grant. So, read and understand the instruction for application. Follow the guidelines and instructions to fill out the information successfully and effectively.

Seniors and juniors individuals in the field of teacher education program from accredited schools are qualified to apply for educators and scholarships for Georgia teachers. You are eligible if you have a grade point average of 3.25 and talented students are short listed by the school officials. The selected students can submit the application for financial aid. The scholarship requirements and expectations differ from one program to another, depends on a sponsor’s mind. Therefore, it is very helpful for every applicant to visit the donor’s website to find out the concerned details of the grant and scholarship.

For the assistance of applicants, 24×7 help lines are available. You can contact with the help desk if you are not able to follow the direction or you are not able to understand anything, even you can contact to them at any time to take help regarding any grant program. Apply for these “scholarships for Georgia teacher” programs for which your education and skills are qualified. Check, you will be able to complete your education with the help of scholarship money or not.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowships for International Students

U.S. is one of the prime and leading destinations for students around the world who are looking to pursue their further studies from a top notch and widely recognized international intuitions. While on the other hand there are very limited options of scholarship for the international students who wish to benefit themselves by studying in US for free. There are certain universities and colleges which provide scholarships besides the scholarships granted by U.S. government and institutions. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is one of those Scholarship programs which provide funds for a year of professional augmentation in United States. This scholarship is given to the experienced professionals from the certain countries designated for the scholarship throughout the world. The fellows for this scholarship program are selected on the basis of their academic background as well as their potential for leadership and their commitment with their job either in public or a private sector.

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is basically a non-degree-granting program. But the participants may complete their academic coursework at the same university which is a host and update their academic as well as professional knowledge in the field. But they are not awarded with an academic degree as a result of participating in the program. There are 18 universities from United States participating in the Fellowship program and the Fellows are supposed to be placed in any one of them but they are not given an option to choose which university they would like to attend. In fact the Fellows are designated in the most appropriate university or a host institution based upon their professional requirements and areas of interest. There are around 160 to 190 scholarships awarded each year. The eligible countries for this scholarship program are from Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Middle East, the Western Hemisphere and South and Central Asia.

The fellowship program provides the Fellows with tuition fee, English education training, living allowance, health insurance, books allowance, one time computer subsidy, air fare and an allowance for the professional development. When it comes to the eligibility the applicants must have an undergraduate degree, minimum five years of professional experience, no or limited prior experience in US, demonstration of leadership qualities, a record of public or private sector job and strong English language skills. There is a wide variety of fields in which students can enroll. Some of the fields include Agricultural and Rural Development, Communications/Journalism, Economic Development/Finance and Banking, Higher Education Administration, Human Resource Management, Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention, Educational Administration, Planning and Policy, Law and Human Rights, Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change, Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration, HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention, Urban and Regional Planning, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, Trafficking in Persons, Policy and Prevention, Public Health Policy and Management, Technology Policy and Management, In order to apply for this scholarship program contact Bi-national Fulbright Commission or Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in the respective country. The commencement and deadline for the scholarship varies from country to country but it usually falls around May to September every year.

Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship for Education Majors

The Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship is designed to help education majors who plan to work in Oregon after graduation. PTA membership may play a role in award determination, but the man factors will be academic merit and financial need. If you are planning to pursue a degree in education and you live in the state of Oregon, this could be a great opportunity for you. Before you apply for this scholarship though, you need to know a little more about the work it entails. Here is an overview of the award so you can determine if it is a good fit for you.

The Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $500
  • Number of Awards: Varies by year
  • Minimum GPA: None
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Education majors in the state of Oregon

Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
To apply for the Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship, you need to be a resident of the state of Oregon. You need to be majoring in education, and the college you attend must be in Oregon as well. You do not have to be a college freshman to apply, as long as you still have time left in your degree program. You do not have to be a PTA member to apply, but you do need to know about and understand the PTA prior to applying.

Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship Application Details
If you want to apply for the Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship, you will need to mail in an application and a set of reference letters to the Oregon PTA. You will also need to provide proof of enrollment or acceptance in a school in Oregon, as well as proof of your status as an education major. You may apply for multiple years in a row, even if you have already received the scholarship. Then all you have to do is hope that you are accepted into the program.