Adult Learners and Scholarships

What is and adult learners ?

Scholarships for adult learners are scholarships for students above a certain age. A student is considered an adult learner when they are 25 years of age of over. In reality the average age of the adult learner is quite a bit higher than 25. The average adult learner is a 35-year-old, married, middle-class Caucasian mother. However, there are plenty of men as well who decide to go (back) to college after losing their job or from fear of not being able to make ends meet due to rising expenses in day to day life. According to Wikipedia 36

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percent of post secondary students were age 25 or older and 47 percent were independent students. More than half of nontraditional students enroll in two-year institutions, and the more nontraditional they get (traditional students are college students in the age range of 18-22), the more likely they are to consider themselves working adults first and students second. This does not mean that just because an adult learner often works (full-time) he or she is always able to cover tuition fees, text book fees and the general cost of living from their wages. A lot of adult learners need financial assistance as well.

For which scholarships are adult learners eligible?

Adult learners do not have the same access to scholarships and grants as traditional students, but that does not mean that there is no help out there. Though many scholarships are means tested (meaning that you have to be able to show that you really are in need of financial aid in order to be able to study) many more adult students are eligible for these scholarships than they are aware of. Most money for college comes from federal grants and loans, state grants, and aid directly from your own institution. It’s definitely worth your while to check with administration what kind of assistance your college can offer adult learners, even if you are a part-time student. If you are looking for federal help, you start by completing what is called a federal FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) . Student Aid website will give you all the information you need about this procedure. Don’t be shy to ask your employer. If you can show that your studies as an adult learner will benefit the company,  a lot of employers are willing to put a small sum your way. If you are part of a union of professional association, you can contact them to see what the options are and there are national and regional organizations, and charitable foundations that offer adult learner scholarships and grants.

So with a bit of digging and creativity adult learners can get a lot of help in the way of financing their studies, leaving more time to study and less time having to get additional jobs.


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College JumpStart Scholarship – $1,500

Motivated people can get many places in the future and reach many of their goals.  Individuals around them may wish to be just like them and in return can become a motivated individual themselves.  Their main focus is finding their achievements and reaching their goals  Motivated individuals are a perfect example of what finding endless possibilities may be like.  This time we would like to find motivated students by offering them a scholarship and help them find their own success.  As a merit-based scholarship, College JumpStart Scholarship offers a $1,500 award annually to students wishing to pursue higher education.  College JumpStart is here to help students with continuing their college education and one of the ways is by offering students a simple scholarship.  There is no need to prove grades or financial need.  Students are simply chosen based on the merit of their application and personal statement of 250 words or less.  This scholarship is being offered to high school students in their sophomore year of high school and above, as well as undergraduate college students and adult students.  Applicants must be citizens or legal residents of the United States.  The  College JumpStart Scholarship is being offered twice annually in fall and spring with the deadlines in April and October of each year. will help students apply quickly for the College JumpStart Scholarship along with other scholarships to fit their desires.  Scholarship Owl only requires students to fill one application and automatically applies students to all other scholarships of their choice.  We hope to find an extremely motivated student that could help other students feel more motivated and achieve their own dreams.


BG Scholarship – $300

BG Scholarship is yet another simple and interesting scholarship.  It is a need-based and merit-based scholarship that is exceptionally easy to apply to.  In loving memory of Brandon Goodman, his family started the BG Scholarship to help students towards their college education.  Brandon’s family would like to give students a chance at a scholarship to help them stay in school and reach their dreams.  Brandon’s life was cut short when he was taken by a wave by doing what he loved to do.  He was full of life and enjoyed every moment of it.  BG Scholarship was started out so his memory lives on and now his family would like to help others complete their dreams.  This scholarship is open to all high school and college students as well as returning adult students.  Students must have a 2.0 GPA or greater and be U.S. citizens or international students in order to apply.  Students that have committed to their community and/or school get an even greater chance at this opportunity by standing out for all their hard work just as Brandon has done.  The time has come for students to have their hard work pay off by simply writing a short essay on why they believe that they should be awarded the scholarship.  Essays will be judged based on student’s financial needs, how they stand academically, and their work for the community and school.  This is a monthly scholarship that awards one student a month a $300 scholarship towards higher education.  The deadline is on the last day of every month.

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship – $1,000

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is a simple and fun scholarship.  It is a merit-based scholarship that gives students an opportunity to complete higher education.  There is no need for students to show any financial statements, scores, or grades.  Students will get chosen based on their writing quality.  The $1,000 scholarship was created by Gen and Kelly Tanabe who are award-winning authors of numerous books on scholarships, financing education, and applying for college.  Gen and Kelly themselves were able to complete their college education debt-free and would like to help students experience the same.  Their book sales help fund the scholarship and in return, award students with money towards higher education.  High school, college/university, and returning adult students are welcome to apply for this remarkable opportunity by simply answering a question.  Students are required to write an essay of 250 words or less and it may be an essay that they have written before.  Students that are legal residents of the U.S. may apply.  The Gen and Kelly Scholarship is an ongoing scholarship that is awarded twice a year to top selected students.  The spring competition starts in January 1st and closes on July 31st.  The fall competition starts August 1st and ends December 31st.  In each competition one student will get assistance in completing higher education and be able to pursue and further their dreams.  With many obstacles that students face today, the scholarship will give them a chance at greater opportunities.  With a little push students are able to get anywhere.

Scholarship Options for Adult Students

There are different kinds of career scholarship offered to a dedicated student through various funding. The government has started paying special attention to support the adult students in acquiring a degree of their desire and some nongovernmental agencies, private foundations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals are also providing their services in this mission. Today, there are many adult students from different courses and age groups who are waiting for a golden opportunity to take a support to complete or acquire an additional professional degree in their resumes. Many adults want to complete the of getting well educated which they had skipped due to some financial crises and personal responsibilities while others have aim to see a higher qualification achievement in their resumes.

Many adults are able to change their abilities even in the middle of their age with the help of available financial assistance. It is true that now days there are a lot of opportunities for the competitive persons and students have potential to adopt the different ways for their career. Some want to play a game of experiment with their job and future while others change the prospect way of career and take a future in the hands. If you are a that adult who wants to remember his student life and complete his educational goal then this is golden opportunity is just designed for you.

The adult students can take benefits from this circumstance with the help of availability of “scholarship for adults”. The reality is that when someone crosses the student age, he or she will feel embarrassment or hesitation for studying even they have madly passion. In this case, adults need encouragement and moral support along with the financial help. These financial assistance programs are designed with the combination of the right amount of encouragement especially for adults. The addition beneficial fact is that adults can attend the online courses who do not have enough time to get enrolled in regular classes.

The most important point of the scholarship for adults is the supporting criteria of online classes. Now the working women and mothers who have to stay at home and who do not have access to attend regular classes can fulfill their wishes with the help of scholarship for adults.