Online Learning for Stay at Home Moms

stay at home mom Online Learning for Stay at Home Moms

Raise a Family and Earn Your Degree!

Are you a stay at home mom looking for a way to better your life, your career, and your future? If so, you may feel a bit stuck at the moment because you cannot get out of the house. It is hard for moms in general to go to college because they have to spend so much time with their families. As much as you may enjoy doing this, there will probably come a time when you want a little more out of life than changing diapers and cleaning spaghetti stains out of shirts. That is where online degrees come into play. They provide stay at home moms with the chance to get the education they need without having to sacrifice the time they spend with their families. Here is a look at how distance learning works so you can use it to get your education some time soon.

How Online Learning Works

An online degree program is not much different than a traditional degree program, at least not when it comes to the information you can learn. The big difference comes in where you go to learn the information. In a regular degree program, you have to travel to campus at specific times in the day. In an online degree program, you can do your homework whenever you want to, and you never have to leave the house. That means that you can stay at home with the kids and still get the education you need for a better future. It is the best of both worlds.

When you sign up for online classes, you will be given a username and password to enter the virtual classroom. From there, you will be able to view video lectures, submit homework assignments, download PowerPoint presentations, access the course syllabus, and do just about anything else you would for a normal classroom. You can access this program from any device that connects to the internet, including a computer, cell phone, tablet, and more. As long as you have a way to get to the World Wide Web, you have a way to get to your education.

Degrees You Can Get from Online Universities

You can get just about any degree that you want from an online college. You just have to find a school that offers your major of choice. Some of these schools are more obscure than others, but at the end of the day, you should be able to find something that works for you. Popular online degree programs include:

  • Forensic psychology
  • Nursing
  • Criminal justice
  • Business administration
  • Paralegal studies
  • Computer science
  • Software development
  • Teaching

Every school is a little different in terms of the degrees it has to offer, so you really just need to look over the programs available to you. If you can’t find the exact degree you were looking for, you should be able to find something close to it. Then you can just tailor your electives to fit your needs.

How to Find a Good Online College

The best online schools for you may not be the best schools for someone else, so you really have to focus on which university best fits your needs as a student. First, look for a school that offers the degree program you are interested in. Then ask about financial aid, scheduling, cost, and the like. You should also ask if you can take your degree completely online, or if you will have to go through a classroom at some point in time. If everything about the school seems to fit what you need, all you have to do is apply and hope you get accepted. Once the process is complete, you will be on your way to raising a family and enhancing your mind all from the comfort of your own home.

Pay for Your Online Degree with Scholarships for Women

If you need help paying for your online degree, there are a number of scholarships for women that could help you cover your expenses. Many of these scholarships are geared toward single moms and stay at home moms, so you should be able to qualify for several of these awards. With the right amount of scholarship money, you can get through your degree at home and graduate debt free!

Scholarships for Women

Why Scholarships for Women?

It’s no secret that scholarships come in all varieties – race, ethnicity and, of course, gender. However, that’s only because of the dedication women of the past put into equal educational opportunities for women. And, while many still believe there’s progress to be made, one of the best ways to do so is by taking your future into your own hands and seizing opportunities, such as scholarships for women.  While it was once rare to see women in higher education, now more women than men are attending college (Women represent over half the undergraduate class for Caucasians, and 62 percent of African American undergrads). Though a lot of progress has been made, inequalities still exist between men and women. Women still typically earn less than men and occupy a smaller percentage of high-paying jobs than men. So while women may be the majority of college students today, there are still many reasons for organizations to offer scholarships for women to try to close these gaps. Such scholarships can be great news for female students, as they can help you pursue a career you may not have originally considered, or to follow your dreams without taking out a lot of student loans. The average student loan takes over 15 years to pay off, so being able to graduate debt-free is definitely something every student should aim for.

Where to Look for Scholarships for Women

  • Check websites every few weeks for updates or additions.
  • Always look at scholarship and grant tabs on any websites for universities and colleges you are interested in attending.
  • Always look at scholarship tabs on professional websites for professions you might be interested in.
  • Talk to everyone you know. Owomens scholarships 300x278 Scholarships for Womenne of the best scholarships given every year in my community is from a fast-food restaurant, and we never would have ever heard about it unless told by a friend.
  • Go to the Public Library. There are catalogs published every year with scholarships listed for both state and private colleges and universities.


Some Tips:

  • Application deadlines occur all throughout the year – not just in the spring and fall. Applying for scholarships for women is an ongoing process. It’s not something you do once for a month or two and forget it.
  • You have to keep at it! You should be checking websites and ready to send out new applications at least every few weeks.
  • Make sure your applications for scholarships for women are compelling and sincere, but do not write a sob story. Keep it upbeat and let your inner light shine through your applications.

Here are some cool scholarships for women you can still apply for this year. Good luck!

wscholarships 300x129 Scholarships for Women


Scholarships for Single Moms

singlemoms 300x94 Scholarships for Single Moms

Why scholarships for single moms?

As a single mother it’s not easy to get ahead of yourself. Especially when you had a baby while you were still really young and didn’t get a chance to go to college right after high school. You see all the people you went to school with going off for four fantastic years at college while you are stuck at home taking care of a baby and doing whatever you can to make ends meet. Parenthood is expensive and having to get by on a single income from an uneducated job (and sometimes even the help of a second job) is virtually impossible. Also, just because you had a baby does not mean that you are completely fulfilled and without the desire to start a career for yourself. It is also a good example for your child to see that his or her mother is applying herself to make something of her life.

We know it is not easy to juggle motherhood, studying and most likely working part-time as well, but you will see that if you really apply yourself for those four years it will make a world of difference for the rest of your life. You will be able to get a higher paying job, meaning more time at home with your child. College is a great place to meet like-minded and quality people to build life long relationships with and by getting an education you will like you are taking control of your own life. Maybe you can meet other single mothers and tell them about how to apply for scholarships for single moms and really help others in your situation in that respect. And maybe you can share a babysitter to lower the cost of child care if you don’t want to put your child in a day care center.

Where to look for scholarships for single moms?

If you can’t see a way to make it happen you need to know that there are a lot of scholarships for single moms available. Granted, when you start looking you will find a lot of spam and scam sites, but there are real, genuine scholarships for single moms available. And the amounts of money are often not to be sneezed at. They will help you cover daycare, tuition and more. This is a great list of 10+ legitimate places you can apply for scholarships for single mums. You will see that most of the scholarships come from organizations especially for women, but there are also options to get financial aid from the government.

As a single mom, chances are good you are also eligible for need based scholarships. It’s worth checking out for sure as every dollar you can get means less time out of the house working and more time for studying and being with your kid.

Don’t forget to ask your parents for help as well, both with babysitting and financially. When you show them how serious you are about getting educated and that you are applying for scholarships for single moms they will understand you mean serious business and will be more inclined to help out as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their daughter succeed in life?

Scholarship for moms Scholarships for Single Moms



How to Grab US Scholarships for Women

The US Scholarships are not only meant for the senior high school students or the graduates but even the women can easily avail the benefits of such programs. There are many women who have left their studies due to some reason but want to pursue them again. Even the moms are interested in completing their degree so that they can find better opportunities to work and support their family. But how this can be possible? If you are eager to join your college again and complete your education, the US
Scholarships can be highly beneficial. There are exclusive scholarships which are specially meant for women who lack the opportunities to be a part of the reputed college and become self independent.

A great opportunity for the single mothers

There are many mothers who are single and raising their children with great difficulty. They want to complete their education so that they are able to find a good job for themselves and plan a better future for their children. Such women can apply for the US scholarships at least two months in advance so that there are higher chances of their applications being accepted. Some of the popular scholarships that provide financial assistance to the women are Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award, Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program, The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund etc.

Benefits of the women scholarships

There are a variety of women scholarships that you can explore and choose the ideal one that goes with your qualification and skills. The scholarships not only cover the fee of your college but it also offers the necessary expenses, cost of books and study material etc. Even a certain amount is given for childcare activities so that the mothers are able to take proper care of their kids and also concentrate on their studies as well.

Every scholarship has its own eligibility criteria as well as the procedure therefore it is very necessary on the part of the women to stay updated and apply for the scholarship on time. This will increase the chances of your application being shortlisted as only the eligible candidate will receive the scholarship amount. So make sure that the application is completed and supported with all the necessary documents which are needed.

Whether you are looking for a part time or a full time course, you can definitely find the US scholarships and seek admission in the top college. Once you complete your degree, you have a great future waiting for you. As a woman you can explore a number of good working opportunities that can establish you and strengthen the financial status which was earlier very weak. You can manage your kids, their education and the personal expenses without worrying about the expenses and also render your support in improving the lives of your family.

So if your education is incomplete, do not miss this fabulous chance which is just perfect for the women who want to independent and self sufficient. Hence grab one of the best scholarships and give your life a meaning and look forward to a huge transformation.

How Women Scholarships Prove Useful in Your Boosting Career

Nowadays even women have become career oriented and are going for higher studies to complete their education and explore better opportunities. Though such a scenario was very rare a few years ago but with the constant advancements even the women have realized the need of being educated as they are an important part of the family and the progress of the society is highly dependent on their individual growth. That is why the women have become very conscious and trying hard to continue their education and work in whichever field they want.

Women who are interested in seeking admission to the top colleges of US can definitely get a superb environment to grow. It is because of the simple reason that US is a country that has a high standard of education and bringing plenty of opportunities before the individuals. As soon as your degree is completed, you have a chance to apply in the concerned industry for various positions according to your skills. But the cost of education is the major factor that poses a challenge before them.

As the education is quite costly in US, therefore the scholarships can be the best solution to meet the necessary expenses and complete your education. Explore a variety of women scholarships offered by US colleges or universities.

The US scholarships that you come across have a specific purpose related to it. Some of the scholarships are meant for the women who have completed their graduation and are looking for opportunities to continue their studies. Similarly women who wish to enrol in doctoral programs can also apply for such scholarships that fulfil the financial assistance and other necessary expenses as well.

There are a few women who might have left their studies but are now interested in joining the college. For such women also, there are a number of scholarships to suit their requirements. In all, you can explore several women scholarships with its application process and eligibility criteria varying from one scholarship to another.

Best scholarship programs for women

VIP Women in Technology Scholarship

National Foundation for Women/NRA Bill of Rights Essay Contest

Nashville Athena Scholarships for Non Traditional students

Girls Impact the World Film Festival Scholarship

National Hispanic Business Women Association Educational Scholarship

SWE Scholarship Program

Women in Service to Appalachia Scholarship

Women in Marketing Scholarship

Technical Women’s Organization Scholarship and lots more.

So these are some of the scholarships that are offered in different areas and you can choose the right one and apply accordingly.

Process of applying for any US scholarship

Though the procedure of applying to any scholarship may vary but in general you have to submit an application along with the documents that have been asked and the letter of recommendation. The updated information about a particular scholarship can be gathered from the official website of the college so that you are able to submit the application on time and improve the chances of being shortlisted.

Even after the short listing process, you need to appear for the interview which will be your final call for getting the scholarship.

AAUW International Scholarship for Women

As the name of the scholarship indicates, AAUW international scholarship is only for the women. It is the abbreviation of the American Association of University Women. This University has a vast carrier of advance education and it has also provided a number of great opportunities for the women in all over the world. The sources of fundings for the AAUW are the grants by the women and some of the nonprofit organizations. The University provides an opportunity to study in the United States of America especially for the students who are not the citizens of America but wanted to live and study in America. The University supports both the graduate women students as well as the postgraduate students.

The University supports a large number of institutes in America. The applicant of the scholarship must be the enrolled student of any of these Universities. All the students (women) of different fields can apply for the scholarship. There is not any specification of the desired subjects like in the subject of science the student can have the specialization in sustainable development, international human rights law, micro finance, curriculum design, microbiology and malaria research and many others.

The American Association University for women has been supported about 3000 women from almost 135 countries of the world. The target audience of the AAUW is all those students who are not the permanent residents of the United States of America. With the help of the provided funds and scholarships, many problems of the female students are solved like the economic barriers and many other problems. For the masters level scholarships, the funding provided is about $18,000 and for the doctorate education the funds are about $20,000 whereas for the postdoctoral education there is $30,000 funding is available. For the scholarship, you should be eligible and the other most essential criteria that are required are the applicant must be a girl or a woman.

For the applicants, it is so much important to apply before the deadline so that the University considers your application. All the scholarship applications that are submitted after the due date are rejected by the organization and the winners are selected from the approved applications. You should visit the official website of AAUW for day to day updates. If you want to apply for the scholarship or have any question regarding the services provided by the organization then you must follow its office or go to its official website so that you can get required information and apply for the university scholarship to get your funding.

If you are really a needy student, then you must apply for the scholarship. It is your right and you should not give up your right without any problem. This awarded money can help you to get admission in a well reputed organization. Nowadays, getting a scholarship is not an easy task. You have to show all your previous records either they are academic or record of any renown activity.

Everything is important……..!!

Special Scholarship Assistance for Ladies

The USA is offering Special Scholarship Assistance for Ladies.

What is scholarship means:

A scholarship is a monetary award that allow individual to enter into any institution for the aim of further studies. Scholarship support is provided with a large number of specification and criteria offered by the different donors under several values and purposes. There are a lot of scholarship programs for talented or needy students such as, left handed scholarships, vegetarians, and scholarship packages for ladies, tall students’ scholarships, folks with asthma, and many more. Well, did you find any opportunity for free money because financial aid is not as difficult to qualify as you will imagine. Actually, students can stunned through different numbers of financial aid programs which are easily available.

Free supportive financial aid instruments:

There are a number of free search resources available over the internet to help you to discover the scholarship program that you deserve. Some websites offer all the detailed information regarding scholarship programs, the amount of free money, application form, numbers of financial aid programs, and requirements for the award money. Many websites provide you additional supports by giving help for recommendation letter and essays which you need for particular standards and schools.

So, with the help of the biggest search engine like “Google” you will be able to discover the most suitable program according to your needs and criteria. For example, you can narrow your search using the keywords like, “ scholarship for ladies above forty years of age ”, “ scholarship for women ”, “ scholarships for athletic girls ” to take a start for search work. You can assemble more possibilities to find out more appropriate program according to your qualification by narrowing down the search.

Need a caution:

You must be aware of what is associated with scholarship package. Here, you need to protect yourself from scholarship scams. Particularly, if scholarship is offered against any kind of charges, fee, or price and free money are unsolicited then, something is going wrong with you. You may acquire information from registered website or scholarship office of the school to avoid fake details. These guidelines will extremely helpful for you to meet financial aid goals.

FTC (the US Federal Trade Fee) explains on its website that there are a lot of businesses which market the scholarship so that they can get access to students’ lists to charge fee for free money. Other official services for scholarship provides a list of scholarship awards and database for possibilities free of cost for which students may qualify. Remember, the fact is that the reliable or authentic website will not give you promise or guarantee for confirmed grant.

So do not lose hope! Take advantage of available scholarship for ladies with endurance. You will have excellent skills to discover the most suitable path for you which you have deserved. Patience is the key to search valuable scholarship program. USA government designed a lot of grants and scholarship programs for the education of deserving ladies. You have to need to find them and apply for them so that you can complete your dream of education.

Scholarships for Girls by High School Heisman

High School Heisman sponsored scholarship programs for eligible students with the cooperation of Wendy’s Restaurants. The scholarship is provided to the students without any sex determination. These scholarships for girls and boys are awarded to the students of High School who have best academic or athletic history.

All the male and female students from the school are required to apply for the scholarship, especially those who are best in their classrooms or having a good relationship with their communities. All those students who are best in the playing fields are also eligible for the scholarship program. Only the senior students are the schools are allowed to apply for the scholarship, most recently the students of year 2012 to 2013.

The least grade that is allowed for the application process is “B” So, all the students having B grade or greater than B grade can apply for the scholarship. Another essential condition that is imposed on the candidates is that, the candidate must be participating in at least one sport. This scholarship is only for the student who is best in academic activities as well as has some athletic experience. The following funding programs are available for different students.

The winners of application.

Every High School senior who is interested in the scholarship program and applies for it receives:

• An official certificate from Wendy’s High School Heisman Program that indicates the participation of the candidate for the scholarship.
• The provided certificate ensures the abilities and capabilities of the students including learning capabilities, leading and performing capabilities.
• The candidates are provided with a chance to win a cash prize worth $10 to $50.
The winners of school
On the basis of the grades, two students (one male and one female) will be selected from every school. They will be known as the school winners. They will receive
• A Heisman Patch and a School Winner Certificate.

State Finalists.

20 finalists (10 male and 10 females) are selected from each state. These finalists will be passed later on for further competition. These finalists will receive:

• A Wendy’s gift card worth $25
• A Heisman Patch
• A Bronze Medal

State winners.

From a number of State Finalists, the sponsors of the scholarship will select one male and one female candidate who will be considered to be the winners of the scholarship. These winners will receive:

• A Heisman Patch
• A Silver Medal
• A Wendy’s gift card worth $50

National Finalists.

The panel of the scholarship sponsors will select only 12 national finalists from the number of winners of state. In this scholarship program six different geographical regions are involved. One male and one female candidate are from each geographical region. The national finalists will receive:

• A Heisman patch
• A Gold Medal
• A Wendy’s Gift card worth $100
• A donation of $2,000 is awarded to every selected candidate.

Scholarship winners.

The final scholarship winners will receive the following things:

• A donation of $10,000
• A Wendy’s Gift card worth $500
• A Heisman Patch
• A Wendy’s High School Trophy

Features of Obama Scholarships for Mothers

The Obama scholarship is designed with the aim to support the mothers to get well educated and lead an independent or honorable life. In addition to this, educated women play a prominent role in the dreams and desires of developing the country. Now a day, the majority of the women are either illiterate or have studied up to the junior level in school. Many women are still waiting for a chance to complete their educational dream while others want to add professional or higher qualification degree to upgrade their resumes so that they can avail good job opportunity with handsome salary in their career.

Dreams are different but have one goal of getting qualified. These desires can be fulfills with the acquiring different higher qualification degrees. Acknowledgment is necessary among the women to take the benefits of the privileges, grants, and facilities offered by the government agencies and concerned private organizations. The government realizes the fact that the single woman spend most struggling and responsible life as they are the single guardian of their children and responsible to earn income to cover their living expenses. Most of the mothers does not proper and higher educational degrees that is why, they have to lead a very problematic time.

Obama scholarship is created to support many women to complete their educational dream because it helped them to meet their study cost. Many women are still away to take the benefits from this golden opportunity due to lack of awareness. There are many single women who do not have enough sources to pay their study expenses and most of them are pushed into low paid jobs just because of their responsibilities. All good or well paid jobs demand highly qualified people. The single women do not have extra money and time to spend on their education dreams so, living a pathetic life is their need.

The government started performing special work to change the condition and life of these single women to the possible level. Obama scholarship for women have supported the mothers to change their life standards. Now, single women are able to complete their qualification desire no matter, what their age level.

Female Scholarship Program to Study in the United States’ Universities

In modern times, lots of women are showing great aptitude in pursuing higher education abroad. The promise of a better future, the social standing and making notable contributions in the world are enough reasons to compel any person to achieve higher education. And for this end, the universities located in the United States are among the top choices of the female students. The welcoming environment of cultural diversity and reputation of security is sure tempting as well as the international value of the degrees that are earned here. Therefore, any female student looking exclusively for female scholarships should be able to acquire such funding.

Now, if any student wants specific female scholarship, she must be eligible for applying. The qualifications needed for eligibility of receiving such female scholarship will be a certain level of scores in the recently taken English language proficiency tests, for instance, IELTS or TOFEL. Some universities prefer GRE or GMAT for similar situations. So, it is better to seek valid information on which institution one wants to attend and what that specific institution regards as the proof of one’s English language fluency. It is superfluous to say that the higher the score in any of those tests than average, the higher the chance of getting a female scholarship.

Then, after a student decides to apply to university of choice and does have enough scores to be selected for enrolling in that aforementioned university, will personally have to apply for the female scholarship with a properly written application (a sample application is provided on the web site’s applications section). The application must include necessary papers attesting the students English language proficiency tests scores, and the university’s acceptance letter or equivalent paper that proves the student enrollment in that university. Two copies of passport sized photographs that are taken recently must have to be attached with the application.

For clarification, we do not store the data provided by the student that are not eligible for the female scholarship program. And we also do not disclose any information that is personal or not in the applicant’s interest to do so. But we publish the name of the selected students each year who has received the female scholarships and the countries they are going for the higher educations. This is not for mere publicity, rather for setting examples for others, and to inspire them to aspire their cherished goal in life.

After a background check, which will be done thoroughly by our designated officials, the students who have been applied for the female scholarship will be validated for the assertion. We cannot confirm the number of students that will receive the female scholarship because of the fact that the number of the eligible students per annum varies. But, as it is, more than a hundred students get the scholarships every year and at least one third of them are female students.

If everything is perfectly synchronized and timely organized, then any student with ambition can receive their share of the scholarship provided. It will grant them safe, tension free student life in the epitomes of the modern universities to achieve their Masters or Doctorate degrees.

Female Scholarship

Female scholarships means that scholarships for women. Many colleges, universities. And government supplies scholarships to women. These types of scholarships will motivate. Female students to work hard and get educated. A famous scholar said:-

“Educate a woman, and countless generations to come will benefit from the investment”

Now in these modern days of life educating a woman is very important for the world. But the only way to motivate and encourage a woman is by providing the hard working woman. Watch out for female scholarships in the month of October and November. Often, these are the months when the registering date for the scholarships is open. Master’s Degree course of 24 months i.e. 2 years and Doctorate degree of 48 months i.e. 4 years are financed by the female scholarship as well as the research projects and the graduate certificate programs. An eligibility criterion includes taking the TOFEL or IELTS for the proficient English and GRE or GMAT tests which compulsory by the University department for the female scholarship. With a formal scholarship or free education. Female Scholarship is not only intended to help cover the cost of tuition, but also can go toward books, childcare, transportation, and other expenses. That are usually not covered by traditional scholarships.

Female scholarship is encouraged By all nations in the world. Nations are providing female scholarship to women which are working in every field of life, but the point is that these female scholarships should be given according to rules and regulations of awarding scholarships. In USA, The U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship program offers financial support In the form of scholarships to Army women who are pursuing community college coursework And undergraduate degrees. Children of female veterans are also eligible for scholarships. The Legacy Scholarships are based on merit, academic potential, community service, and need. Female scholarship in Pakistan are not well groomed or organized. specially scholarships are not provided to females in PAKISTAN. Government is taking less interest in providing quality education and providing scholarships to females.Women make up 50 percent of the world’s postsecondary population, But there are still disparities in both the male-to-female ratio in top-level positions and in pay rates in the workforce. There is much incentive for scholarship providers to lessen these gaps. In an attempt to provide more career opportunities, numerous scholarship providers have created options specifically for women. Many of these programs have clear goals in mind, such as encouraging enrollment in doctoral programs, propelling women into male-dominated fields such as science and math, and preparing them for leadership positions after completion.

A large no. of companies and private organizations provide scholarships to females worldwide.
Now a day it is necessary to get an education for females because in these days of world
Income of a single person cannot run a house kitchen. for fluent run of kitchen both husband and
The wife has to work. female scholarships in the world helps to progress nation.
When a female gets educated through female scholarships it gives long term benefits to its
Nation and family!

WJA Women’s Jewelry Scholarship for Fashion Majors

The Women’s Jewelry Scholarship is designed to help female fashion students pay for their education. The scholarship is provided by the Women’s Jewelry Association with the specific intent of helping future jewelry designers get the education they need. There are several awards available through this program, so you should have no trouble finding something to apply for. If you are a woman planning to pursue a degree related to jewelry design, this could be a great opportunity for you. Before you apply for this scholarship program, you should know a little more about the work it entails. Here is an overview of the award so you can determine if it is a good fit for you.

The Women’s Jewelry Scholarship at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $500 – $7,000
  • Number of Awards: 10
  • Minimum GPA: None
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Female fashion majors pursuing careers in jewelry and watch design

Women’s Jewelry Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
To apply for the Women’s Jewelry Scholarship, you must be a female interested in a fashion degree. More specifically, you must plan to pursue a career in jewelry design or watch design. There is no limit to the kinds of schools you can attend, as long as there is a degree opportunity within them. Existing WJA members may qualify, as can other students in need of financial assistance.

Women’s Jewelry Scholarship Application Details
If you want to apply for the Women’s Jewelry Scholarship, simply fill out the form on the WJA website when it comes available. It is only offered for a brief time throughout the year, so you will need to make an effort to catch it while it is around. Once you do that successfully, you will present your application to a board of trustees. They will narrow down a group of qualified candidates and then select the winner by drawing. If you are lucky enough to be chosen for an award, you will have new money to use toward your education.