CollegeTalk Scholarship for High School and College Students

The CollegeTalk Scholarship is an award designed to give high school and college students a chance to speak out about current issues in the world. Many members of the younger generation have an opinion about the way that their country is being run, but few of them get a chance to speak out like politicians and wealthy business owners do. If you have been looking for a scholarship that will allow you to vent and win money at the same time, this could be the perfect financial aid opportunity for you. Here is a look at the requirements to apply for the CollegeTalk Scholarship so you can get your voice out there.

The CollegeTalk Scholarship at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $750
  • Number of Awards: Varies by year
  • Minimum GPA: None
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: High school seniors and current college students

CollegeTalk Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
To apply for the CollegeTalk Scholarship, you must be a high school senior or current college student who plans to attend college next year. You do not have to be a certain age, race, or gender to apply for this award, and you do not have to attend a particular school. As long as you turn in your essay by the deadline, you could be eligible for this award.

CollegeTalk Scholarship Application Details
If you want to apply for the CollegeTalk Scholarship, you will need to write an essay about who you would choose to be the president of your country, if given the opportunity to hand-select someone. The essay needs to be fewer than 600 words in length, and it must explain why you chose the person that you choose. Submit your essay online before the deadline, and you could be eligible for $750 in cash to use toward your college education. No issue or candidate is off limits, so feel free to play around with this essay a bit. Your creativity could ultimately lead to your success.

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