Scholarships by AGA Khan Foundation University

Each year, a specific number of scholarships by AGA Khan Foundation University are provided for postgraduate students. The university has especially chosen the students from the developing countries where there are not so many resources and people need some financial aids to get them educated. The scholarship criteria for the students are to award 50% loans and 50% grants to the students. This process is carried out each year by the help of different applications.

The top most priority of the organization is to provide scholarships to the Masters level students, but if you are a PhD student and really need the financial aid, then you must apply for the scholarship. The organization also focuses on the necessary needs of the student’s career objective. For the winners of PhD scholarships, the foundation provides the travel expenses for the research. This research should be conducted by the students in the third world countries and the topic of the research is also decided by the Aga Khan Foundation.

Area of study for the Masters students or for the PhD students is not described so students with any specialized field can apply for the scholarship. All the students from the developing countries can apply for the scholarship like Madagascar, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Syria, Portugal, Egypt and Tajikistan. All these countries have the branches of Aga Khan Foundation where all the students can submit their applications. These agencies or the branches are responsible for the processing of the received applications and interviews of the applicants are also conducted by the agencies.

The Aga Khan Foundation not only supports the students for their tuition fee, but they are also provided with the living expenses. For the PhD students scholarship, the traveling expenses are not supplied by the foundation and the students have to complete their research papers by staying at their homelands. All those students that are able to find the financial aids are highly recommended to apply for the scholarships. In order to be eligible for the scholarship is that you have to be less than 30 years old.

The panel for the scholarship only accepts the applications on the basis of following criteria.

• The student must have an excellent academic record.
• The student must have the genuine need of aid for his study.
• For higher education, the student must be enrolled in a well reputed organization.
• The applicant must have good communication skills and problem solving skills.
• The applicant must be competent and must have some extracurricular activities.
• It is expected from the applicants that they should have some experience in the specialized field.

The application forms are provided to the MBA international students at every 1st of January. You can get it from the branches of Aga Khan University situated in your own home country. It is compulsory that all the applications should be submitted before the deadline; otherwise these applications will not be processed and will be rejected.

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