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How to Write the Perfect Scholarship Essay: Part 1

by k s

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Paying for college is easy to do when you have enough scholarship money to cover your costs. Then you don’t have to worry about student loans and out of pocket expenses. You can go to school free of charge.

Since most scholarships these days require essays as part of the application process, it is important to learn how to write the perfect scholarship essay. Here are some tips to improve your writing in the future.

Read the Essay Prompt Carefully

One of the easiest ways to mess up on a college essay is to misinterpret the essay prompt. If you write about something completely off topic, the scholarship committee will assume that you did not pay attention to the prompt. Where will your application end up after that? In the trash.

Read over the essay prompt a few different times before you start writing. Then read over it again while you are writing to make sure you stay on track. Think about what the scholarship committee wants to see based on the prompt they gave you, and then go to work crafting a great essay.

Determine the Tone

The tone of your writing should reflect the nature of the essay prompt and the scholarship committee you are aiming to impress. If you are applying for a scholarship with a cancer research organization, you will probably want to make your writing formal and professional. If you’re applying for a scholarship with a local comedy club, you will obviously want to write something fun and lighthearted. Make sure that your tone fits the situation at all times, or your writing may not be interpreted correctly.

Establish a Writing Structure

The structure of your essay will need to depend on the type of prompt you have. For instance, you might be asked about a situation from your past and how it will affect your future. You might be asked to explain how getting a scholarship would help you in college. You may also be asked to come up with a new idea that could make a process or the world in general better than it is right now.

Most scholarship essays can fit into this format:

  1. Introduction: A quick paragraph that introduces the reader to the essay and presents a thesis you will back up in other paragraphs.
  2. The Story or Problem: One or more paragraphs that convey your personal story or identify a problem you are trying to solve in the essay.
  3. The Explanation or Solution: One or more paragraphs that explain why your story makes you worthy of the scholarship or how the previously identified problem can be solved.
  4. Conclusion: A quick summary of what you have already said, ending with a statement that makes the readers think.

Your essay needs to flow like you’re just talking to the person reading it. Structure it like a steady incline that keeps the reader wanting more, and your essay is sure to be a success.

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