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science scholarships Math and Science Scholarships

Math scholarships and science scholarships are made to help bright students get through their degrees debt free. If you are pursuing a career in any math or science related field, you can use these awards to cover the cost of your education. Whether you want to be a science teacher, a chemist, a mathematician, or something else entirely, there are financial aid options out there for you. Use the suggestions below to start your scholarship search.

Popular Math And Science Scholarships

Check out these popular science and math scholarships:

What Will You Pay For A Math Or Science Degree?

The money you pay for your mathematics or science degree will depend on how much time you spend in school, the specific degree you earn, the location of your college of choice, and more. It would be best to research the cost of attendance at your school of choice to get a clear picture of what you will pay for college. This table shows some of the average college costs for math degrees, courtesy of CollegeCalc:

  • Math Bachelor’s Degree: $37,473 per year
  • Math Associate’s Degree: $17,531 per year

Note that these figures are for out of state tuition, which is usually higher than in state tuition. You may be able to get a cheaper schooling cost if you attend college in your home state. Find the right math and science scholarships early on though and the cost won’t be an issue at all!