Scholarships by Type

scholarships by type Scholarships by Type

If you want to get scholarships that are perfect for you, you need to look into the right categories. Your life, grades, and goals will all have an impact on the types of scholarships you qualify for. Find a category you fit into, and you can discover the immense award opportunities that lie within it. Check out our selection of scholarships by type so you can make the most of your financial aid opportunities.

Scholarships by Type

Adult Student Scholarships
Christian Scholarships
College Freshman Scholarships
College Sophomore Scholarships
Disabled Student Scholarships
Graduate Student Scholarships
High School Student Scholarships
International Student Scholarships
Merit Scholarships
Military Scholarships
Minority Scholarships
Need Based Scholarships
No Essay Scholarships
Scholarships for Women
Sports and Athletic Scholarships
Writing Scholarships

What Type of Scholarship Is Right for Me?

Most students qualify for many different types of scholarships, regardless of their college major, income, or lifestyle choices. The key to searching for scholarships by category is making sure you explore all of the categories you could possibly fall into. For instance, if you are a woman, you may qualify for scholarships for women and minority scholarships, in addition to scholarships based on your income, grade point average, athletic achievements, etc. Don’t be afraid to look for scholarships you may not naturally be drawn to, like writing scholarships. You never know what opportunities you will run into!