Merit Scholarships

merit scholarships Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to students who have maintained superior grades, test scores, and other marks of academic performance. Whether you scored well on the ACT or you kept your grades up in high school, you could benefit from your hard work with the help of these scholarship opportunities. Merit scholarships are harder to earn than nearly any other scholarship out there, but they are typically worth more than other financial aid options. Read on to learn how you can earn a merit scholarship.

Popular Merit Scholarships

Check out these popular merit scholarships:

How to Win Merit Scholarships

Different types of merit scholarships require different measures of “merit” to qualify. Some will purely look at your academic performance in school, while others will assess your community involvement, your standardized test scores, your career participation, and more. the key here is to be a well-rounded student that excels in every aspect of academic and professional life. If you can keep your grades up and still manage to volunteer or participate in school functions, you are sure to win financial aid to pay for college.