National Merit Scholarships by NYU Wagner

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Each year, there are some limited numbers of national merit scholarships that are provided to the students. The board of directors considers the applications of only admitted students. The awards are provided on the basis of application information of the applicant. For the selection of the applicants, the NYU Wagner forms a community known as the NYU Wagner community.

All the decisions about the selection process are carried out by this community. A decided format of the application form is provided to the applicants. All the applicants must have to follow this format. Any additional component is not required. There are different kinds of scholarship awarded to the students. A list of these scholarships is given below.

• The Dean’s scholarship is the scholarship that covers the 100 % tuition fee of the student. In this scholarship no stipend is provided to the students. It is a full time scholarship that is provided for 2 years. Whereas the students who get this award for part time can get the scholarship for up to 4 years. Freshmen students must submit the UO Undergraduate Admission Application Form to the Office of Admissions.

• Public Service Scholarship covers only 50% tuition fee. In this scholarship no stipend is provided to the students. Just like Dean’s scholarship, 2 year scholarship is provided for the full time scholarship winners whereas for 4 year scholarship part time winners of the scholarship.

• Graduate assistantship also provides 100% tuition fee to the winning student. In this scholarship, stipend is also provided to the winner.

The students who have got registered in the dual degree program (Judaic and Hebrew) are provided with the fellowship opportunities. The (JFEW) Jewish Foundation for the Education of the women supports the ladies who are studying in MA program. All the applicants of the (JFEW) must be the resident of New York or the people living within the 50 miles from the New York. It is very essential for all the applicants, explain all their financial needs. You can also find the requirements of this scholarship application form, in the requirements of the NYU Wagner application.

The Skirball Program offers the following fellowships in order to facilitate the students. These programs include:

• Englander Fellowship
• Steinberg Fellowship
• Littauer Fellowship
• Handler Fellowship

Other Opportunities

In addition to the other scholarships and fellowships, there are also a number of scholarships that are provided to the students. One such scholarship is known as Public Policy and International Affairs. For this award, there is no need to submit any additional material for applicant. The amount of the awards may be different. Sometimes may depend upon the strength of the information provided in the application form.

For all the students of NYU Wagner, it is always advised to apply for the external scholarships. These scholarships help them to get funding from non-profit groups for their education. For the students who are not eligible for the NYU scholarship can get funding from an outside source so that they can complete their education easily. So never miss any charge to get the scholarship.

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