How Easy Is It to Get Athletic Scholarships: Full Guide


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An athletic scholarship is awarded by a college, university, or private high school, which is based on a student’s ability to play a sport. Athletic scholarships are common in the United States, but in a majority of countries, they are rare or non-existent. Scholarships are financial help in exchange for a student’s participation in a college sport. The money generally comes from the income of athletic universities. Because of the scholarship, the athlete is under no obligation to pay the money back. But, an athlete must renew most of the offerings every year. This means that the athlete has no guarantee of a scholarship for all four years. The athlete must meet specific terms to win the scholarship, such as receiving a particular grade point average or achieving a particular level in their sport.


What Does An Athletic Scholarship Cover


Following the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there are various other associations that give scholarships such as the Wallmart associate scholarship. With the help of only 2% of high-school athletes achieves some athletic scholarship, most of which don’t cover the total cost of school. This percentage rate means that an applicant has a better chance of getting accepted to Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, or Yale than earning an athletic scholarship. A full-ride scholarship is an award that covers all expenses related to college. It includes tuition, books, fees, room, board, and even living costs. The purpose is to remove any need for extra financial aid. Track Scholarships can be tough to find because many programs aren’t funded or if they are, they are bound in how they can use their scholarships. It would be best if you went through all the schedules to look at the available opportunities. There are many Sports scholarships for high school students. Some of them are as follows:

  • Football scholarship
  • Baseball scholarship
  • Tennis ball
  • Volleyball
  • Women’s gymnastics
  • Men’s basketball
  • Women’s basketball


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How Do Eligible Athletes Receive An Athletic Scholarship?


To get an athletic scholarship, you must have a passion for sports. If you get a scholarship for a DI headcount sport, you’re guaranteed an entire ride. But there are only six headcount sports. If you play a sport, it increases your chances of getting more scholarship money. For example, you’re more likely to receive a big offer if you fill a specific position on the team—such as a football or baseball pitcher. Sometimes, moving down a division level will get you more money. A lower-level recruit for DI might receive a significant scholarship at the (Domestic Institutional Investors)DII level. Coaches award athletic scholarships based on their program’s needs. This guideline will assist you in understanding how to enlist for an athletic scholarship. The more you follow these steps, the better your chance for a scholarship. 


Create a Target List of Schools

Gather the list of colleges you want to know about, and you want to take admission in. Always have an eye on your targeted school choices, academic level, and athletic talent.

  • Always begin with a broad range of schools and then narrow it down as you move along in the process.
  • If your checklist of schools is too short, your chances of winning a scholarship will be less.


Collect All the Contact Information for the Coaches

Gather all the essential information like all coaches’ phone numbers and email addresses on your school list. After that, email the following information:

  • Resume – Write a professional summary with detailed statistics on your past seasons in your resume. Also, attach a copy of your school transcripts and test grades with the calculated GPA.
  • Video – It should have a high-quality skills tape or highlight video created and uploaded online. Contain a link to that video as a part of your resume.


Start the Contact with the Coaches

  • If the coach hasn’t answered you after two weeks, call the coaches to express your curiosity in their university.
  • Reply to every coach that responds to your email.
  • As you communicate with coaches, ask more about the school and sports programs. Also, ask your queries related to the sports school. 
  • To ask informed questions and express your interest in their school.
  • If you can manage a phone call with a coach, make sure to prepare for it. Go through all the recent seasons they have been taken to gather the knowledge. 
  • Do not miss any emails or phone calls from a coach. This is because you never know how your recruiting process will begin.


Attend Summer Camps and Showcase

  • You can’t depend on being ‘discovered’ at a camp or showcase.
  • Camps and showcases can help gain exposure, but only if coaches are there to watch you.
  • Most coaches who attend camps watch those players with whom they had communication. 
  • If a coach wants to talk with you or your parents at the campus, make sure to follow up. 


Know the NAIA and NCAA Rules and Regulations

  • Understand all the rules that apply to you based on your year in high school.
  • Know how coaches can reach you and how you can reach coaches. These sound the same but are two separate rules.
  • Read the NCAA and NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.


Know the Academic Requirements to be Eligible

  • Register with the NAIA and NCAA Eligibility Centers to win athletic scholarships.
  • Research the courses you want to take and the grades needed to be eligible.
  • Then organize your academic calendar around those needs.
  • Analyze which exams you need to take and the lowest score requirements.
  • Go throw the NAIA and NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.


What Is The Difference Between A Full Ride vs. A Partial Athletic Scholarship?


A partial scholarship covers some of the expenses associated with attendance, while a full scholarship covers all the required amounts. That is what it means in terms of what the scholarship covers differs significantly. They cover some combination of tuition, room/board, academic supplies, and other activities/programs offered by the school. You must read your award letter to know what you are receiving, how long it will take, and things to do to keep that scholarship.  

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A full scholarship is an award that covers all expenses related to college. It includes tuition, books, fees, room, board, and even living costs. The aim is to remove any need for financial aid. At the same time, a partial scholarship covers a particular part of a specific field in which the scholarship will be awarded to the student.

Apart from the above two basic definitions and differences, both full and partial scholarships also depend on the institution that provides them. The terms and scope of the scholarship are based on the institutions’ will.

key takeaways :

  • In a full scholarship, you will get the total amount of your fees, and in a partial scholarship, you will get some percentage of your payments.
  • A full scholarship covers all expenses, while a partial scholarship may cover some particular costs.


What Are The Key Benefits Of Athletic Scholarships?


Athletic scholarships reward students’ hard work, skill and offer more opportunities to grow. It is financial help to a student who has met requirements and shows potential for further success. Yet, athletic scholarships are so much more. They are the key to a better future for student-athletes and their loved ones. Many student-athletes come from low-income households or no household at all. The economic imbalance isn’t easy to discuss, and helping new generations with equalization focuses on academic and athletic programs. As a coach, you can see potential in anyone and support them to grab the opportunities.  Athletic Scholarships offer more than athletic opportunities.

Above their devotion to the sport, student-athletes get scholarships to attend a university and meet a degree. Only some top college athletes continue to play professional sports, so many can modify their portfolios. Although following a dream is necessary, the field of athletes can be performed and studied. These scholarships allow boys and girls to play for a prestigious team and to gain a degree without the financial burden. 

They can achieve a degree in sports-related fields such as: coaching, physical therapist, or athletic administration. 


How Coaches Can Help


Coaches are much more than athletic team captains. Coaches play a significant role in students’ lives. Since the competition is intense, coaches have to give their students every available and legal help. Achieving a scholarship could bring them and their family above the poverty line.  Providing educational materials, explaining options, contacting recruiters and college associates, and tutoring are all ways coaches can help student-athletes.


What Is the Difference Between Athletic Scholarships vs. Academic Scholarships?


Scholarships are funds for your education. The purpose of a scholarship is to make education more affordable for you and your family. Schools in the USA are costly, but they offer scholarships and other funds to make education attainable. This paragraph will discuss the differences between academic and athletic scholarships. Sports and academic scholarships share two essential commonalities. They’re offered as a reward for superior performance and help fund education. Sports scholarships are for athletes who excel in the athletic stadium, while academic scholarships are offered to students who excel in the educational field. There are some distinct differences. For example, objectivity in the selection procedure and the recollection criteria are different.

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Granted by the university itself based on your academic achievements, GPA, and SAT scores.
  • Sports Scholarship 
  •  Teams’ coaches give this scholarship for your ability to play a particular sport and represent your school in it.

All these have the same things inside them, but they are given out for different purposes.


Objectivity of Selection

The performance standards for athletic and academic scholarships are very different. Academic scholarships are based on SAT scores and academic performance in school. Athletic scholarships are based on subjective criteria. Though stats are used in the selection process, the receiving coach may look for qualities other than athletic potentials, such as dedication, work ethic, and academic potential.


Criteria for Renewal and Longevity

The criteria for revival also differ from objectivity. Usually, an academic scholarship is renewed if the student performs academically at a specified level. Yet, an athletic scholarship may or may not be continued, regardless of the level of performance. Also, the athlete is not provided with renewal criteria, and the scholarship may be withdrawn or non-renewed at the head coach’s discretion at any time.


Awarded Due to Superior Performance

Academic and athletic scholarships are based on superior achievement in their relative performance. But, the commonality does not end there. Although achieving academic or athletic success may result from some natural gift, success will be conducted by goal-setting, a superior work ethic, and a commitment to hard work.


​​Top athletic scholarships to apply for in 2022


There are some scholarships offered in 2022, be the first applicant. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, given that all scholarship requirements are maintained. Please visit the scholarship provider’s website for more information or to apply.


Alabama Golf Association Women’s Scholarship Fund

  • Application Deadline: 3/2/2022
  • Amount: $20,000


The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in an intercollegiate sport. Please visit the scholarship provider’s website for more information or to apply.

Alliance Pipeline Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: Varies
  • Amount: Varies


To be suitable for the Augustana College Athletic Grant, students must complete a 3.0 GPA. Please visit the scholarship provider’s website for more information or to apply.

Augustana College Athletic Grant

  • Application Deadline: Varies
  • Amount: Varies


The Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship offers educational resources for high school baseball or softball players who pursue a sports-related college degree. Please visit the scholarship provider’s website for more information or to apply.

Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 2/1/2022
  • Amount: Varies

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Biomatrix offers six (6) $1,000 scholarships assisting individuals in the bleeding disorders community seeking higher education. To apply, please visit the scholarship website.

BioMatrix Scholarships for the Bleeding Disorders Community

  • Application Deadline: 8/1/2022
  • Amount: Varies


Conclusion :

There are various types of scholarship prospects for students who have played sports in high school. There is no compulsion that you have to be a part of the college official team to get any student-athlete scholarship. Apply early and score well in the sports to win the scholarship. Take help from your seniors and mentors to seek the scholarship. Update your resume and write an essay about yourself along with the application. We believe that this post is helpful for you. 


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