Food and Culinary Arts Scholarships

culinary arts scholarships Food and Culinary Arts Scholarships

Do you want to have a career in culinary arts or food management? If so, there is an exciting degree program in store for you! In order to get through your degree as affordably as possible, you need to have financial aid to cover the cost of your education. Read on to learn about food and culinary arts scholarships you may qualify for.

Popular Food Scholarships

Check out these popular food and culinary arts scholarships:

What Will You Pay For A Culinary Arts Degree?

The cost of cooking school varies greatly from one institute to the next. If you want a degree in food management, you may need to spend longer in school than you would for a culinary arts degree. Check out these cost statistics based on data from CollegeCalc:

  • Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree: $21,771 per year
  • Culinary Arts Associate’s Degree: $19,214 per year

Keep in mind that most culinary arts majors only spend two years in school, so you may not have to spend too much money on your education. Find the right food scholarships early on, and you should be set!