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Are you interested in the field of culinary art? Want to pursue it as your career and move ahead in life? This is definitely a great decision as culinary art is a highly progressive field with a number of opportunities open before you. If you pursue culinary art program from one of the renowned colleges of the US, you will certainly explore numerous opportunities once you have successfully completed the course. But the high amount of fee is one of the major reasons that restrict the international and local students from applying to the colleges of the United States.

With the help of the culinary art scholarships, you not only receive financial aid but you are just one step away from a bright career. As compared to the student loans, these scholarships as well as awards are really a superb option and help the deserving students in continuing their studies. Though there are plenty of scholarships that will come your way but the right selection can definitely prove useful for the students.

Let’s have a look at the various culinary art scholarships that are offered by various associations and nonprofit organizations.

The Ecolah Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation with an aim to help the students and leaders of the lodging industry so that they receive the right exposure to begin their career. The only eligibility criteria for this scholarship are to be enrolled in an undergraduate hospitality program. There are two types of awards; one is given to the associate majors having an amount of $1000 while the other one is given to the baccalaureate majors holding an amount of $2000.

Wisconsin Baker’s Association Scholarship

This scholarship program was started with a motive to help the students who wish to become qualified bakers but could not enroll in any reputed college. With the help of such scholarships, students can complete their culinary art program and give a good start to their career. If you are interested in this field, go through the eligibility criteria and submit the application. But this scholarship is meant for the people of Wisconsin only, therefore others cannot apply for it.

CRAEF Scholarship Program

CRAEF, also known as California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation has taken an initiative to assist the high school seniors and undergraduate students who are eager to be a part of the restaurant industry. If you wish to pursue higher studies, this scholarship is very useful in providing financial aid. The scholarship is meant for the US residents only so gather complete information and get familiar with the eligibility criteria as well.

Russ Case Scholarship

This scholarship is being funded by the Russ Casey / Maine Restaurant with a motive to boost the restaurant industry and provide better opportunities to the interesting students. The scholarship amount is $1000 and offered to the students of Maine only, therefore make sure that you meet the criteria before sending the application.
Other culinary art scholarships for which you can apply are AH&LEF Incoming Freshman Scholarship, Nellie Martin Carman scholarship fund, AAC Culinary Scholarship, APWU Vocational Scholarship program and lots more.

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