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Alternative medicine has been on the rise and many people are in pursuit of a more natural way to a healthy lifestyle. There are many problems with pharmaceutical drug contradictions and it has been questionable whether they are safe. It is simply a lot safer for people to seek for newer, natural ways to a healthy lifestyle. Pharmaceutical drugs have been linked to many allergies, side effects, even more serious contradictions such as paralysis or even death. That is one of the many reasons why it is important to know all the alternatives that are out there. Herb Affair focuses on providing their customers with wide-selection of highest quality organic herbs, teas, soaps, essential oils, as well as many other products to a healthier body and soul. Taking care of our health is essential just as completing our education. This time they would like to help students get a quality education without having too much worry about paying for college tuition. They are giving away a $1,000 Herb Affair Scholarship Award to students enrolled in a college program. Applicants can get their chance at the scholarship just by simply submitting a 500 word essay. This is an annual scholarship that has a deadline on July 31st every year. Since there are not many alternatives to education, students can focus on alternatives to medicine after applying to the scholarship. It might be time to head to Whole Foods in order to find alternative medicine. Students studying alternative medicine might have even greater opportunities in the future since it has been evolving.

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