10 celebrities who went to Ivy League


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10 celebrities who went to Ivy League

Who knew? Celebrities are people just like the rest of us. They even go to college. And not just any college – so many celebrities went to Ivy League schools. There goes a popular misconception that actors and other celebrities are just not that bright. Some studied acting, yet others – literature, math or science.

Our favorite famous Ivy Leaguers are below. How many of them do you recognize?

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Natalie Portman recently opened up in the 2015 Harvard commencement speech during which she said, “Looking back, it’s easy now to romanticize my time here, but I had some very difficult times here too. Some combination of being 19, dealing with my first heartbreak, taking birth control pills that have since been taken off the market for their depressive side effects, and spending too much time missing daylight during winter months led me to some pretty dark moments particularly during sophomore year. There were several occasions I started crying during meetings with professors, overwhelmed with what I was supposed to pull off when I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning.”

James Franco did not get success get into his head while at Yale.  When 2011 Oscars Nominees were being announced (when he was a top contender), the actor chose to attend class. He said: “I’m not gonna miss class to go and presume that I’m going to be nominated, but if you want to bring out a camera crew to Yale and wait and see if I get nominated, I’d be happy to step out of class and say I’m very grateful.”


Answer to the riddle above (from left upper corner clockwise):

Matt Damon – Harvard, left 12 credits shy of graduation in 1992
John Krasinski – Brown Class of 2001
Julia Stiles – Columbia Class of 2005
Mindy Kaling – Dartmouth Class of 2001
James Franco – Yale (still a student, Ph.D. in English)
Lupita Nyong’o – Yale Class of 2012 (Masters)
Emma Watson – Brown Class of 2014
John Legend – Penn Class of 1999
Rashida Jones – Harvard Class of 1997
Natalie Portman – Harvard Class of 2003

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