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Arrow Exterminators Scholarship

Don’t you hate it when you are about to go to bed and you see a bug in your house?  The little creatures running around your house when you are asleep will not give you a good night’s sleep. Arrow Exterminators are the pest control and extermination professionals that are offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who will be starting college.  If you are a senior in high school or already enrolled in college, this is a perfect opportunity for you.  Anyone 18 years of age or older may apply.  Who would have imagined that getting money for a scholarship would be so easy?  Writing about bugs is easy and you get to save up a $1,000 for your college education.  Submit an essay of 300 words or less and you are in.  It is that easy!  Do something for yourself and you just might ease up some burden for yourself and your family.  Let’s get started!


AmeriQuest Transportation Scholarship

Imagine organizing air traffic with stop lights and lanes to avoid air traffic?  It is a possibility that we will find ways to make driving easier, yet affordable.  Maybe one day the movie scenes that seemed so unimaginable will actually come to realization.  The future can bring us so many different opportunities and that is why we should work hard to get what we want.  AmeriQuest serves businesses involved in trucking transportation.  The $1,000 AmeriQuest Transportation Scholarship will be awarded to a senior in high school.  Students with the best essay on driverless cars get a chance at making their future come to realization.  Maybe just one day, you will get to drive a flying car.  It is important for us to work hard in order to achieve our dreams and you just might see yourself in a movie scene.


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