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Growing up, children have a lot of challenges to face and the most difficult one has to deal with peer-pressure.  Drugs and alcohol have been on an increase in consumption by teenagers.  Teenagers are consuming alcohol now more than ever and the risk of drinking and driving is just too great.  Drug use has taken over the youth and it has become a serious problem that parents have to face.  12 Keys Rehab Center focuses on helping recovering substance abusers get rid of addiction by offering a help center, a private rehab, and getting them involved in new activities.  12 Keys Rehab Center is about focusing on helping individuals stay away from drugs and/or alcohol.  They offer a 12-step treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, social problems, as well as mental health problems by helping individuals get back to their normal lives.  The rehab process helps them get back to their families and enjoy fun activities again.  This time they would like to hear what students see as the real solution to staying away from drugs and alcohol by offering a $500 scholarship to students that are entering college.  Students must be U.S. residents in order to apply and may be pursuing any field of study.  Applicants are asked to write a 700 to 1,000 words essay on drug and alcohol prevention.  Applicants with the best essay and the most thought-provoking ideas will get their chance at a $500 scholarship.  12 Keys Rehab Scholarship is being offered twice a year with the spring semester deadline on April 1st and fall semester deadline on October 1st.

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