Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship – $500

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Bulwark Exterminating, LLC has been looking for students that have what it takes, more specifically for people with great sales experience that know how to paint a picture for their customers.  They have been proudly supporting individuals in pursuit of higher learning and with distinction in salesmanship by giving away a $500 Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship semi-annually.  Bulwark Exterminating has been nation’s top privately owned pest control company and now they are looking for students with top qualities in sales.  College students pursuing any field of study and that have excellence in salesmanship are invited to apply for the scholarship in hopes to feel at ease when it comes to achieving a college education.  They are asking for students to prove how their determination and will has brought clients and revenue to their past or current employer(s).  Applicants should show their hard work and their plans to further their sales skills in their future career by filling out a short application that includes a short biography and two short essay questions of up to 50 words each without having to do any other essay writing or submitting of other necessary documents.  Best of all, each semester one student will get rewarded with a $500 check and an iPad Mini.  The deadlines fall on January 31st for the Spring semester and September 30th for the Fall semester.  Those students that have great experience in sales should put in all their effort when applying for this scholarship since this scholarship comes with a great reward.

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