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Abacus Scholarship Sweepstakes – $500

by daniel

When looking for a specific term online, it might be a little easier today to find a specific answer.  Google has helped us advance in everything people are looking for today.  GoCollege.com has been the right place for students to get answers to anything school related, especially when it comes to college education.  As one of the first scholarship online searches, GoCollege has advanced and accumulated updated information on all student’s needs.  GoCollege.com guides students through the college education process by offering help on the admission process, college survival tips, educational options that are out there for them, and financial aid such as scholarships, loans, and grants.  Best of all, GoCollege has everything that students need to get prepared for college.  Abacus Scholarship Sweepstakes is an annual $500 scholarship competition that offers help to those pursuing a higher education.  Not only do students get to apply for the scholarship, but students can also find the answers to the questions that they have been looking for.  This scholarship competition is open to all students pursuing a college education that are citizens of the United States or legal permanent residents.  Students are to submit an online entry form by the deadline without having to submit grades or other additional documents when applying.  The deadline is on December 15th annually and a winner will be chosen randomly.  This is an easy scholarship competition and students do not need to prove themselves to win.  Students can apply and be ready to go to college worry-free.

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