Abbott & Fenner Scholarship – $1,000

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Abbott and Fenner Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship looking to help students that are wishing to succeed.  They are seeking ambitious and aspiring students looking to make their educational and career dreams come true.  Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants look to do the same for their customers.  They are looking to make their customer’s business dreams come true where their main focus is customer satisfaction.  Abbott and Fenner deliver benefits to their customers by providing solutions for their business.  They offer services such as business plan support, software support, and management accounting services to improve the ways their business operates.  Now they would like to find students who believe in the same motto, as well as in a brighter future.  After all, it is the hard work that pays off in the end.  A little bit of work can turn people’s lives around.  Students that are a high school junior, senior, or a student at a post-secondary institution can apply for this possibility.  There is no reason for students to miss out on a chance like this.  Applicants should submit their answer to the question without doing any additional work.  They should submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words by the deadline.  With the annual deadline on June 14th, students should grab their chance at this incredible opportunity!

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