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Many famous cases become nationally well-known due to the fact that they stand out tremendously in arrears to racial profiling, rate of violence, or just simply the seriousness of the case.  That is when people throughout the nation stand up and fight for the rights of the innocent or try to put the guilty behind the bars forever.  There have been many cases that were rational and then some that were simply one-sided.  Lawyers are there to make an impact and work in favorof the plaintiff or defendant.  Lawyers help them by involving the law, demonstrating their rights, and proving their argument.  In each case one lawyer proves guilt by protecting the plaintiff while the other defends the rights of the defendant.  The Law Offices of Adam Perlmutter are giving away a $3,500 scholarship contest to a student with the best essay.  Students aOffices of Adam Perlmutter’s Scholarship Contest is offering students a chance to demonstrate their argument based on one side of the case proving guilt or innocence required to write an essay about a case that has made a big impact in our nation.  It is time for students to share their ideas and see if justice was served and possibly find new ways to break the case.  Students that are seniors in high school and those that are attending a college/university are welcome to bring their ideas forth and perhaps a new theory to changing the case.  Students with the most outstanding point of view get the greatest chance at $3,500 scholarship towards their college education.  

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