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Higher education is of vital importance to our future. Some of Americas longest standing business have recognised this and jumped at the opportunity to help students with tuition and expenses during college. Its a matter of finding the right scholarship for you. Have you seen ALL of  the educational opportunities out there for you?  Have you taken the right measures to completing your education?  It is important to secure your money for your studies just as much as securing your home. ADT Home Security is giving away a $500 scholarship to students that will be enrolling college and who are already enrolled in college. ADT is the largest home security firm with over 125 years of experience. ADT is committed to sending a deserving student some help with financing the school year. The winner will be chosen based on an essay of 400-600 words  ad once again could get you in and help you save up some money towards higher education.  This is another easy essay contest that can get you started on your adventure.  Getting your college education is important because it can help you get places in the future and land a dream job.  At the same time, you will be able to mentor future generations with your knowledge and demonstrate what you learned.  Get started on your challenge and make a difference in the world!  For all you know, you might make a difference!  Thanks in part to companies like ADT Home and Security, who understand the importance of a strong education, more students are able to finance their studies.

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