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AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship – $500

by daniel

AES Engineering Solutions is offering a $500 AES Scholarship to one motivated student towards their college education.  AES Engineering Solutions focuses on helping business find the right resources and solutions.  They offer training programs to teach engineers improvement plans in order to improve functionality of their operations.  This time they would like to help students pursue their educational studies by giving them financial assistance.  Even though the AES Engineering Solutions has something to do with engineering, their scholarship does not.  In other words, students that apply for this scholarship do not need to be pursuing studies in engineering.  Students are not even required to take engineering courses of any kind.  Students may pursue any field of study or even take any course that they wish.  The only thing that is required is that students show some character.  Students should show us what they are made of and their potential of being a future leader one day.  Students that are a high school senior or a student at a post-secondary institution are welcome to apply.  Students will only need to submit their answer to the question and they are in.  The essay should be between 500 to 1000 words and must be submitted by the October 6th deadline.  A winner will be chosen based on the quality of their essay and the character behind it.  All it takes is some effort and planning in order to get access to the open doors of different opportunities.   AES Engineering Solutions is here to help students find their educational and career solutions.

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