AISES Scholarship for 2013

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AISES stands for American Indian Science and Engineering Scholarship. As the name suggests the AISES Scholarship is not only for the Americans or the Indians, but the people from Alaska and Hawaiian can also apply for the scholarship. The only thing that is required to apply for the scholarship is that you must be enrolled in the subjects like engineering, computer sciences, programming, and any other field of technology like information technology. This scholarship is also available for 2013. For the United States of America, the total spending is about $10,000 while the people scholarships provided to the students of Canada worth $5000.

This scholarship is open till June 2013 and all the expenses of the students are fulfilled by the scholarship providers. The Institute arranges the panel and related workshops. This increases the developmental skills of the students. The institute takes a small time to evaluate the application forms and announce the results in early May.

Eligibility criteria.

• The applicant must have a GPA of about 3.00 or more in the academic period.
• The applicant must be enrolled in a two-year or a four-year degree program.
• He must belong to America, Hawaiian, India, or Canada.
• He must have the educational history of a career in science, technology, or engineering.
• He must have good communicating skills and athletics skills.
• He must have leadership qualities.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the student must apply with all the essential requirements. There are a number of facilities that are provided by the institute. You must apply for the scholarship with all the essential papers and within the provided time. All the essential papers include a letter of recommendation, an essay, and an application form. The personal information of the candidate must be provided to the institute so that if you are winning the scholarship, then they can easily contact you. You must provide the true and correct information about you so that they do not get disappointed with calling you again and again and you could not miss any chance to get the awarded money.

Once you are selected and get an interview call, then it will be the time to show your skills. You have to convince the panel so that they immediately decide to select you. You can convince them with the help of your communicating skills, problem-solving skills, and many other skills. You should mention all your needs and problems that you face to complete your studies.

Always remember, you should be honest with yourself and with all the other people so that you do not grasp the right of the other needy person. It totally depends upon you. So try to get the scholarship but on merit and with the help of proven and essential papers rather than frauds. If you are able to fulfill all your requirements then you should not go to the scholarship. The money can help the people who deserve it.

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