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Everybody around the world wants to pursue his further studies in the best place and well-recognized international institutions around the world. United States is the prime destination for this purpose about which everyone has dreamed of. Comparing the available number of scholarships with the applicants is very low. Aside from government and its institutions there are some universities and colleges which offer scholarships. The American University is one of those universities which offer grants to the students all across the globe. The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship targets the students who have seek to pursue the Bachelor’s degree in United States. It aims at giving scholarship funds to the students who will be returning to their home country in order to improve the under resourced and undeserved communities there. The American university hosts those students who manage to win this scholarship, and the university is located in Washington DC. This scholarship funds are available for any field of undergraduate study offered at the American University.

The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship awards 1 scholarship to the fresh international students. The scholarships are available only for the international students of secondary school from any country around the world. While those possessing US citizenship, U.S. permanent residents or the dual citizenship of US and the other country are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Preference is given to the international students who have come over all the obstacles and the challenges come in the way to win the scholarship and to those as well belonging to the diverse and underrepresented social and economic backgrounds. The American University Scholarship covers all the expenses for studies say tuition fee, air travel, room and board. The scholarship is renewable in all the four years of study based upon the satisfactory academic performances. As far as the eligibility is concerned you need to be the student of a secondary school. US citizen cannot apply and only international students having a visa to study in US. The applicant must have minimum 3.8 GPA or equivalent or must be in the top 10 students in 9th to 12th grades. A student must assure to come back to their home countries and give his services for the betterment of the country. A TOFEL with minimum 90 or IELTS with 6.5 score is must for excellent oral and written English and he also have to demonstrate his leadership and community services.

As the scholarship is highly competitive, so you must apply only if you meet the above mentioned criteria. Further details are available on the dedicated official website for each country so it is suggested to visit the website; you can download the application forms from there. The details how to apply for the scholarship are also available on the website. Generally the commencement of scholarship is done in the month of January every year. Once you manage to win the scholarship it is guaranteed that you will be back to your homeland after benefiting and polishing in the respective fields.

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