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It is a very important “Dream” of many people around the globe to study abroad in any international institution and America is the dream country for this purpose. The non – American citizens look for the scholarship as it is the most appropriate and easy way to study in the United States. Hence, winning a scholarship proves to be an invaluable help towards achieving the dream of studying in United States. There are many scholarship that are offered whether for a new immigrant, a learner returning to the college or a student going for a graduate or postgraduate degree for almost all the fields of study in United States. Besides government programs to offer scholarships o the international students, there are certain universities which offer scholarships to the international students to study in U.S. Amherst College is one of those institutes which offer scholarships to the art and science subjects loving international students to pursue their studies in United States.

There are around 34 fields of study offered by Amherst College, some prominent areas of study are Environmental Studies, Law, Economics, Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Anthropology and Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Geology, Women’s and Gender Studies and many others. The Amherst College awards scholarships for the graduation degree programs. The scholarship offered by Amherst College is not “need blind” but the administration takes special care while evaluating the international students. Amherst College offers a comprehensive program of financial aid that is very helpful for the international students in the form of scholarships, loans and grants. Amherst College also provides financial help for the student employment. There are very limited numbers of scholarships given to the international students every year by Amherst College. Once you succeed to win the scholarship and your needs are determined by the Amherst College administration, the scholarship amount equal to your needs is given. The financial aid amount is awarded to the awardee soon after the admission letters are sent to the applicants.

The scholarships offered by Amherst College is sometimes called as the “aid packages” including self-help package or the “gift aid”. The students having lower financial aid are offered self-help (employment) and those with the greater financial need are given the combination of self-help and gift aid (grants and scholarship). The Amherst College also provides interest free loans to the students to meet their educational needs like buying a computer. The loans are totally interest free if returned while you stay in the college and in case you have left the college after completing graduation you need to return the loan amount with a very low interest rate. The scholarships are available for almost all the developing countries in the world. When you wish to apply for the scholarship you need to visit the Amherst College’s official website, there you will find all the essential details and application form. Amherst College provides international students with maximum financial help which paves the way towards higher level education from well recognized inyernational institute for the students who cannot afford this on their own.

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