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As an essay-based scholarship, Scholarship is a great way to earn money and to learn to manage it at the same time. offers assistance and resources when it comes to structures settlements and annuities.  Simultaneously, they provide free quotes as well as money in the hand to customers if needed.  Customers are even able to sell their payments.  Moreover, while looking to help their customers, would also like to help students by rewarding them with awards such as a $2,000 Scholarship.  Two students will be chosen as winners where the first-place winner will get a $2,000 scholarship and a second-place winner will get a $1,000 scholarship.  They would like to see how well students are able to manage their finances and in return, will give their best writers a chance to earn money towards their college education.  They are asking students to submit an essay of 700 to 1,400 words as well as a short personal biography by the May 1st deadline.  This scholarship is open to all students that will be attending a college.  Whether they are a senior in high school, undergraduate, or a graduate student just as long as they are enrolled in a college in the U.S.  Students may pursue any field of study and can be of any age to apply.’s motto is to “Unlock Your Money” and it is now the student’s turn to do the same for their future.  Students should give their best to show how to be responsible with money in order to get their chance at earning it.

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