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 Applying for scholarships is like applying to universities all over again.  Students just finished the application process with the university they got accepted to or perhaps they filled multiple applications in hopes to get accepted to one at the least.  Better yet, it is best to apply for scholarships even before  entering college.  Applying for scholarships requires the same amount of work in hopes for the student to reap the awards for one or possibly multiple scholarships.  It is important for students to understand the application process and to know all the necessary documentation that will be required to be submitted in order to apply for scholarships.  Students should keep in mind that each scholarship has its unique requirements and students should read all instructions before applying.

The first and the easiest way to apply for scholarships is through online applications.  Students are able to apply for a scholarship through their home computer or laptop just as long as they have all their required documents to submit with the application.  Most of the easy scholarships do not require any documents other than the application itself.  Most of the online applications require students to complete an application fully and might even ask for previous work experience, community service involvement, activities, rewards, and more.  Students are more often than not required to upload documents such as their essay, transcript, cover letter, proof of enrollment as well as other required documentation.  Some scholarships might ask students to mail their work such as pictures or videos in addition to their online application.  That is rare, however, only a few scholarships require more than one way to apply.  The best thing about online scholarships is that students will get to see the congratulations page and know that they have successfully submitted their application.

The second most accepted way to apply for scholarships is by email.  Students are usually required to submit their contact and school information as well as an essay.  This is true for those essay-based scholarships, but for other scholarships as well.  In addition to that, some scholarship providers ask students to submit other additional documents similar to the ones mentioned earlier.  When it comes to email applications, students are asked to put all necessary information either in the body of an email or for it to be attached to the email.

Some scholarship providers ask that all application documents be sent by mail.  They prefer the hands on instead of depending on the virtual applications.  The scholarship providers that prefer everything be sent by mail are usually those that prefer to see student’s work such as their pictures, hear the voice on a CD, or see a short film made by the student.  Documents such as letters of recommendation and transcripts are usually asked to be mailed by somebody other than the student themselves, usually from another individual or an educational institution.

Although some, but not all scholarship applications could be sent by fax.  It all depends on scholarship providers and their requirements.  The fax number will be found on the application page and students should pay close attention to making sure they follow through all the regulations.

Lastly, some community organizations or member societies ask students to submit their work in person.   Although it is very uncommon, but scholarships provided by such organizations ask that students can submit their application packet in person to their nearest location.  This is another way for students to make sure that the application was turned in on time and that it was successfully submitted.

As mentioned earlier, some scholarship providers do ask that students apply two different ways or perhaps three ways whether it is by mail and online OR email, online, and mail.  Students that choose to apply individually for each scholarships might have more work to do, since all scholarship applications are alike and each scholarship requires certain documentation to be submitted as well.  Although that can be time consuming, there is an even better way to apply to all scholarships that student wish to apply for and are eligible for. helps students apply to all scholarships with one simple application.  ScholarshipOwl has put together an online application that lets students upload all their necessary information and documentation and, in return applies students to all scholarships with one click.  Students can find out more by clicking on the link and find out more.

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