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Atlanta Dental Spa Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is looking for one bright student each year. Speaking of bright, we want to exemplify the importance of healthy teeth and a worthy education. It takes dedication to having clean teeth and dedication to brushing teeth daily. It is important that they are healthy and shiny. It is equivalent to showing dedication to education in order to have a shiny diploma in our hands. Atlanta Dental Spa is a dental office that commits to just that. Their main focus is to offer their patients an inclusive health dentistry and high quality aesthetic in order to provide them with best service. At the same time, their mission is to also educate their patients on dental health. They are giving their annual scholarship to students who are pursuing further education. Students must be either a junior or a senior in high school or already enrolled in college to be able to apply. Students are not required to work immensely, but instead to show that they are responsible enough. All applicants need to do is submit their essay of between 250 and 1,000 words for their chance at $1,000 to further their education. This is not an ordinary scholarship that is open for a month or two. This scholarship is open from January to August every year with the deadline usually in mid-August.


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