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Here is some unconventional wisdom for some of you wondering whether college is for you or not.

Instead of deciding if college is for you and then figuring out where to go and how to pay for it, start backwards. With literally millions of scholarships available every year in the US, the ability to pursue higher education and finance it is more real than ever before. Finding a scholarship that caters to a specific major or career path can be a great motivator to study if you had perviously thought otherwise. In fact, scholarships intended for specific majors and course study can be some of the most valuable for prospective college students.

We all know the the drill in senior year of high school; Exams, SAT/ACT prep, planning for your future, while trying to enjoy the last days of school. Work, Extra curricular activities, the yearbook and the prom. The life of a high school student is full of stress and important decisions, and that is even before we know how to pay for it all. On top of everything, once you have decided, comes the most pain staking part; the applications.

Financial aid, student loans, scholarships, work study, you name it. Page after page of redundant information that you must fill out. First Name, Last Name, Email , Telephone, GPA, all the same fields written over and over again in black ink, just to be eligible for maybe getting financial  help.

Here at GetUSScholarships we know this can be the most annoying part, so we want to recommend a great site to you. Its called Scholarship Owl, and to make a long story short; One registration, One application for all the scholarships you are eligible for. Once they find you a set of scholarships, the only thing you need to add (when necessary) is an essay.

So if you weren’t sure about studying, try them out, fill out the application and maybe then you will realize your true collegiate value.

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