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There are a quite a few people who suffer from learning disabilities and cannot perform well in the traditional classrooms. This is the reason that most of them fail to seek admission in the best college or school and have to suffer many challenges throughout their lives. That is why some of the colleges have come up with the learning disability scholarships that are exclusively meant for the disabled students and provide them a superb opportunity to get enrolled in the college of their choice.

If you are also eager to be a part of the reputed colleges or schools of the US, you can benefit from these scholarships that are fruitful in a number of ways.

Criteria for the learning disability scholarships

Not all types of learning disabilities are categorized for the scholarships therefore it is very necessary that one has sufficient information about the eligibility criteria. Learning disabilities like dyslexia and hyperactivity disorders are mostly covered but autism, health disorders, asparagus syndrome do not count as the criteria. So if you can collect complete information about the different learning ability scholarships, you will be able to apply accordingly and there are more chances that the application is shortlisted. Hence take the help of the internet and explore a variety of sources to collect as much information you can.

Sources to find the scholarships

Though there are a number of sources which can be helpful in connecting you with the right scholarship but a genuine source can make a huge difference. With the help of Rise Scholarship Foundation, you can easily explore lots of information about the various scholarship programs that are meant for the disabled students, how to apply for the scholarship, benefits and lots more. It is a great source to gather complete information that you have been looking for.

Different types of learning disability scholarships

Apart from providing the desired information to the users, Rise Scholarship Foundation also offers a scholarship program of about $2500 to the eligible students who are found to have the learning disability. In the year 2012, 5 students were given the scholarship and this year also the students can apply for it and make sure that their application is complete in all sense.

Other scholarships that you come across are the Fred J Epstein Youth Achievement Award which offers an award of $1000 to the deserving students. Children who are smart and specialize in one of the areas like music, community service, science etc are eligible for it and can be shortlisted based on their academic record as well as the personal skills. The applications are being invited for this scholarship therefore the eligible children can apply and obtain the amount to meet the cost of their education.

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships are also very popular and worth applying. As the short listing is a bit strict so make sure that the application is appealing and full of information. Even Shire ADHD Scholarships is a great option that offers the facility to the high school students and the undergraduates as well.

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