Best US Scholarships in 2013

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There are a number of scholarships in United States both for natives as well as international students. Most of these scholarships are provided on the basis of merits, but a few of them are especially designed to fulfill the needs of students. A list of scholarships is given below that provides scholarships for special purposes.

• MasterCard foundation scholarship provides the scholarships for the students of under graduation, post graduation and the students of PhD programs. The last date of submission of application form for the year 2013 is 30th July 2013. Two months will be provided to the organization in the selection of candidates and the regular course will start in September.
• USA Fulbright scholarship programs are specially designed for the international students. It is sponsored by the government of USA. It offers scholarships to the students of PhD and masters. The duration of submission of application is from Feb 2013 to October 2013.
• Nippon foundation scholarship program provides scholarships for the studies having a specialization field in ocean affairs.
• Scholarship from American University provides scholarships for graduation students. It is especially designed for international students. Deadline of the submission of scholarship is 15th January 2013.
• Hubert Humphrey scholarships are designed for international students, no matter the major subject. It provides full and partial scholarship to students having specialization in different subjects.
• East west center scholarship programs provide scholarships for the students who have completed their graduation degree and want to get the degree of masters or PhD. They provide you the study in Hawaii, a well known place in USA.
• The Hult business school provides scholarships for the students of business administration. It offers masters degree with full or partial fee scholarships to its international students.
• AAUW international fellowships provide scholarships to the students who are present in USA. These scholarships are provided only to the students. The eligibility for these scholarships is a PhD degree, an MS degree or a postdoctoral degree.

So from a number of scholarships, the candidates should choose the best one. The eligibility criteria should be focused by each candidate.

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