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Are you looking for the best ways to apply for scholarships and study abroad for free or even at a cheaper cost? We’ve got you covered.

Scholarships provide significant financial support that you may need to study abroad. Whether you’re looking to study abroad in the U.S. for free or just want to study cheaply, there are endless opportunities to get you started with your career.

At, we strive to provide you well researched and expertly curated scholarship opportunities plus other crucial information to help you choose the right scholarship programs for you.

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Best Ways To Apply For Scholarships: How to Get a Full Scholarship

Most internal scholarships attract tons of applicants, making it uncommon to make it through competitive vetting and grab a chance to study abroad for free. But, with expert guides, hacks and tips, landing a scholarship chance become almost certain.

For you to qualify for an international scholarship, you must meet the minimum application requirements. Some of these requirements include an application form, letter of recommendation, official financial statements, and proof of academic, artistic, athletic achievements.

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Below are some tips to help you maximize your chances of winning a scholarship in the U.S. and other universities internationally.

Know Where You Should Look for the Scholarships

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There are multiple places where to look and apply for college scholarship opportunities. Check out some of the most common.

Scholarship Databases Search: Several scholarship databases and search engines can help you find scholarships that suit your interests and qualifications. Scholarship databases like FastWeb and can allow you to create customized alerts for immediate notifications once a scholarship shows up. While some sites charge a service fee, there are a thousand others that let you access their services at low cost or completely free.

Consult your school counselor and other professionals: Meet with your high school counselor and discuss scholarships that might match your interests and activities. You can also consult other professionals within your community to know if there is any scholarship opportunity you may like.

Unlock your hobbies: Hobbies are a great way to pay for your study abroad education. Many people tend to think that scholarships work only for successful athletes and straight-A students, but the reality is that college scholarships are available for everyone.

So if you’re a vegan, gamer, crafter, or others, you can still access easy scholarships to apply for study abroad opportunity.

Minority students’ scholarships: There are many scholarships for minority applicants that can offer you the needed financial support for your college education. However, you must be a minority student to qualify for such scholarships.

Local listings: You can also check scholarship opportunities via your local church, nonprofit organization and other entities that might be offering these opportunities. Additionally, you can find organizations within your local area the offered scholarship and grant opportunities to bright and talented students.

Get Prepared Early Enough

Get Prepared Early Enough 300x201 Best Ways To Apply For Scholarships And Study Abroad For Free Or Cheap

Although there are hundreds of free or cheap scholarships out there, it’s worth noting that eligibility criteria vary from one scholarship to another. Furthermore, colleges have limited amounts available, and the earlier you prepare and apply, the higher your chances of getting the scholarship. Some of the documents you need to prepare in advance include;

  • Properly updated resume
  • Letters of recommendation from previous school or work
  • Academic certifications
  • Language certificates
  • Motivation essay

Work Hard and Stay Self-motivated

Study abroad scholarships offers you an opportunity to achieve your education and travel goals eventually. However, you must be ready to work hard and stay motivated throughout the application process. Remember that scholarship providers want to ensure their money is being put into good use and that applicants get to appreciate the opportunities presented to them.

So don’t shy to express and tell your story and provide enough proof as to why you need the study abroad experience. Ultimately, treat the scholarship applications seriously, stay organized, and put in the time and effort you need to score a study abroad scholarship.

Make Yourself Stand Out from the Crowd

Study abroad scholarships can be highly competitive, and that is why you need to go out of your way to stay among the top applicants. The easiest way to win a scholarship of your choice is to make your application stand out from the rest of the applicants. But how will you increase your chances of winning a study abroad slot?

Excellent academic background – Showing a great academic record or good grades is a good start and can earn you a scholarship quickly. While not all scholarships require grade point averages, most do so; if your grades are not that impressive, consider improving them. You can grow your academic horizons by taking extra language courses like IELTS & TOEFL.

Check your references – Some college scholarship applications often require personal references. While this isn’t mandatory, including strong references may boost your odds of winning the scholarship.  Your personal preferences should be someone you’ve interacted with, who knows you well; it could be your professor or employee you worked with before.

Contact the scholarship provider directly – Reaching out to your potential funder could give you crucial information to help you learn how to apply for scholarships. Besides providing correct information, contacting your funder is an excellent way to showcase your confidence in pursuing the scholarship, which is helpful.

Go through the application instructions and get a better understanding

Perhaps you want to apply for as many scholarships as you can within the shortest time possible to increase your chances of winning better study abroad slots. But the bottom line is that rushing through applications can harm the results as you may end skipping vital details of the general instructions.

So take time to go through the application instructions and follow every step. This will give you enough time to apply for scholarships without feeling pressured, increasing the quality of your work. Similarly, ensure you research specific scholarships to understand their values and craft customized applications.

Make Your Essay and Cover Letter Outstanding

Make Your Essay and Cover Letter Outstanding 300x203 Best Ways To Apply For Scholarships And Study Abroad For Free Or Cheap

One of the best ways to apply for and win scholarships is to craft a killer essay. Remember that a good essay takes time and skill to craft, so don’t just rush to put words together.

Let your essay describe your personality and why you think you’re the best candidate for the scholarship. Also, pay great attention to the application essay topic and what the scholarship funder expects in format and specifications.

Like an excellent resume, a cover letter is an integral part of your scholarship applications. In most cases, these two documents tell your story to funders and explain why you deserve to be given a particular study abroad scholarship.

Conduct professional research and try not to use generic covers letters. Instead, learn how the country you’re applying to generally organizes their cover letters and uses their language.

Be Realistic

While there are many scholarships out there, it’s essential to be realistic in your picks. Some scholarships might demand certain unique documents to show your outstanding capabilities and competence. Therefore, it’s imperative to apply for scholarships for disciplines within your industry to avoid wasting your time.

As much as you’re looking for cheap and easy scholarships to apply for, it is essential to be realistic with your goals and expectations. Find study abroad scholarships that can match your qualifications, skills, interests, and memberships.

You are more likely to be awarded scholarships or grants if they match your eligibility. Most importantly, if you miss your target, consider taking even smaller scholarships; they can help offset low-cost suppliers and textbooks.

Best Ways To Apply For Scholarships: Tips to Help You Apply for Scholarships with Zero or Cheap Tuition Fees

Study abroad programs can be relatively costly, especially for those students with low incomes. Fortunately, there are scholarships open for everybody based on their situation and needs. For instance, there are scholarships for international students, local students, students from particular minority groups, and those open to all students.

Merit scholarships – These scholarships are based on your academic excellence, and you must be the leading student to apply. Most of these programs are offered by colleges and universities, and other organizations.

Scholarships for students with low incomes – Low-income scholarships are almost similar to grants. They are designed to support students who want to study abroad but cannot afford their tuition and living costs. Need-based scholarships are common with nonprofit organizations and higher education centers.

Scholarship for minority groups – These scholarships offer financial support to underrepresented groups. Some of these minority groups include women, African-America, Hispanic-Latino, Native Americans, and others. If you belong in any of these groups, you can pursue your education at zero financial cost.

Scholarships for athletic, research and artistic achievements – This scholarship category offers financial aid to students who excel in non-academic areas. To qualify for merit-based scholarships, you need to show excellence in what you do; can be artwork, sports, research skills, or others.

Common scholarship categories include;

  1. University-based scholarships
  2. Organization and fellowship scholarships
  3. Government-funded scholarships
  4. MasterCard foundation scholarship programs
  5. Student-specific scholarships
  6. Program-specific scholarships

Here is how to apply for scholarships with full sponsorships.

Enroll Directly in a Foreign Learning Institution or Opt for a Language School

One of the best ways to apply for scholarships is to enroll directly in the international school you want to attend. There are higher educational institutions that offer zero or cheap tuition fees for students with impressive academic performance.

Examples of these institutions include the Seattle Central College that provides a 10 percent scholarship for students to study at the University of California Santa Barbara. Alternatively, you can apply directly to a language school of your choice.

Opt for Volunteer Work Abroad to Get a Starting Point

Participating in volunteer or social activities is not only good for your personal development but will also enhance the assessment criteria. It’s also an easy way to improve your soft skills and expand your understanding of the local community.  Additionally, spending adequate time in social work broadens your knowledge and provides an impressive Curriculum Vitae.

Finish a Work-Study

Some universities and colleges allow you to work while you study abroad. Depending on individual institutions, you can work up to 20 hours in a week or up to 40 hours during holidays. While these jobs aren’t guaranteed, they can help you raise some extra bucks.

Once you complete your first academic year, you may qualify to apply for a practical or academic training course, which lets you enroll in a paid internship in your area of specialization.

Helpful resources like the U.S Department of Homeland Security can provide helpful details regarding the work on campus concerns. Other countries like Australia, Spain, and New Zealand will also allow you to earn a paycheck while working part-time.

Choose a Cheap Study Program Abroad

Study abroad scholarships provide financial support based on your needs. So if you’re looking for cheap options, ensure you search for less expensive study abroad programs. Cheap study abroad programs that start at low as $880 to $5,500 include the Equine Summer Program, Hutong Schools, John Cabot University Summer Program, Italy.

Another way to win a cheap scholarship is to search and apply for international scholarships and grants. Visit official websites of local and international universities and organizations to find options that interest and matches your eligibility.

There are also plenty of resources online you can use to find a scholarship or grant program of your choice. Some of these resources include the Scholarship for Development website,, official E.U. scholarship page,, and study abroad pages for particular countries.

Bottom line

When looking for ways of paying for your college fees, always find out if there’s a scholarship that can help your offset the school fees before opting for private or federal loans. And since there is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for at any given time, you should always apply for as many scholarships as possible, provided you are eligible, and the scholarship opportunities match your interest. Also, ensure you submit your applications early to avoid a late rush.

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