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BG Scholarship is yet another simple and interesting scholarship.  It is a need-based and merit-based scholarship that is exceptionally easy to apply to.  In loving memory of Brandon Goodman, his family started the BG Scholarship to help students towards their college education.  Brandon’s family would like to give students a chance at a scholarship to help them stay in school and reach their dreams.  Brandon’s life was cut short when he was taken by a wave by doing what he loved to do.  He was full of life and enjoyed every moment of it.  BG Scholarship was started out so his memory lives on and now his family would like to help others complete their dreams.  This scholarship is open to all high school and college students as well as returning adult students.  Students must have a 2.0 GPA or greater and be U.S. citizens or international students in order to apply.  Students that have committed to their community and/or school get an even greater chance at this opportunity by standing out for all their hard work just as Brandon has done.  The time has come for students to have their hard work pay off by simply writing a short essay on why they believe that they should be awarded the scholarship.  Essays will be judged based on student’s financial needs, how they stand academically, and their work for the community and school.  This is a monthly scholarship that awards one student a month a $300 scholarship towards higher education.  The deadline is on the last day of every month.

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