Big Sun Scholarship – $500

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Student athletes who want to show everyone how to handle a ball and what they are made of should jump at a chance at the Big Sun Scholarship.  Whether the student is a basketball player, a baseball player, or even a cricket player, this opportunity is still for them.  Big Sun Athletics Organization focuses on putting hard working student athletes on a ride of a lifetime.  We know how hard it is to handle both school and sports all at once.  That is why this is a great chance to show everyone how committed students can be at both.  At the same time, students that are busy and involved in sports tend to stay off the dangerous streets.  This opportunity offers those students even greater promises and possibilities.  This is a chance for students to prove to the world how they balance school and sports.  It is time to show them that students can be on top of both at the same time!  This $500 Big Sun Scholarship is for student athletes who are seniors in high school and students attending a post-secondary institution.  It is time for students to step up their game and get noticed.  Applicants should show their special skills and prove to the world that they can be the Athlete of the Year, or perhaps even a Student of the Year.  Students are required to send their short essay response for this remarkable shot and make themselves stand out!  Numbers of awards vary and the deadline is usually on the last Friday in June of every year. It is time to get started because the game is about to begin.

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