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Laws have a great impact on people’s lives, in a good way as well as in bad.  What that means is that we may get fined for things we did not know, but we get to at least we learn from those mistakes and will not repeat it.  A good way that laws help us is that they keep us protected and gives us many lawful rights.  There are many instances where laws can bring us some respectable good.  Bodie Law Firm would like to do just that.  They would like to focus on the younger generation and in assisting them towards their future goals by supporting education.  Bodie Law Firm is a law firm that handles bankruptcy cases at its best.  They focus on advising their clients with the best solutions to their financial problems by trying to avoid bankruptcy.  They have solutions to every financial problem by finding the best solutions for each client.  Bodie Bankruptcy Law Firm is giving away the $500 Bodie Law Firm Scholarship Contest to college and law students that are in a 2-year or a 4-year program.  Students are to submit their essay of 750 words or more in order to apply for the scholarship.  There is no need to check the GPA or SAT/ACT scores.  This is an opportunity for students where the law can assist students in finishing their education.  At the same time, scholarships touch student’s lives for they may save money on their educational expenses.  Best of all, the deadline is extended for another six months and students get more time to apply!  The annual deadline is on December 31st.

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