Boling Rice, LLC Scholarship – $1,000

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Boling Rice, LLC Scholarship is a $1,000 essay-based scholarship that is giving students a chance at saving some money towards higher education.  Students with the greatest ideas will be awarded a scholarship and will be able to focus on their studies without worrying too much about their college tuition.  Boling Rice, LLC is a law firm based in and near Atlanta, Georgia that serves injured victims or those involved in a variety of accidents who deserve to be protected by law to gain all their rights.  They have learned a lot about insurance companies and other factors and would like to see how much students know and perhaps get them prepared for their future.  Students that would like an opportunity at this scholarship are asked to submit an essay of 500 words or more on the given topic.  Although an essay requires writing about a legal topic, students do not need to be pursuing a field in law.  This scholarship competition is open to all students pursuing any field of study and that will be enrolling or are currently enrolled in a college/university.  As an annual scholarship, students have a significant amount of time to put together a quality essay since a winner will be chosen based on their writing.  Essays must be received by the January 15th deadline to be considered.  It is time for students to share their knowledge  and get awarded for it.  Perhaps some students will get a chance to find out exactly what they want to pursue in the future.

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