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Bowling scholarships

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Make Money from Your Bowling Skills

Don’t you wish your bowling skills could get you more than trophies and local fame? If you apply for a bowling scholarship, they very well could. Bowling scholarships are set up by the Professional Bowling Association and independent bowling leagues to give promising bowlers a chance to get a good education. You don’t have to become a professional bowler to earn one, but you do have to meet certain academic and participatory requirements. Every bowling scholarship is a little different, so you need to check with the official rules before you apply to one. Here is a basic guide explaining how to win a bowling scholarship.

Find the Right Scholarship

You can apply for as many bowling scholarships as you want, but some may be more “up your alley” than others. (Forgive the corny joke there!) For instance, some bowling scholarships are set up in a tournament fashion, where applicants compete against each other just like they would in any other bowling tourney. If you are a really good bowler, this may be a perfect setup for you. If you are an amateur who just happens to love the sport, you may want to look for an essay contest or a bowling shirt design contest – something that does not require playing to win. Search your local bowling centers, bowling clubs, bowling leagues, and bowling associations for potential scholarship opportunities and then go through the steps to apply.

Maintain Your Grades

Even though bowling scholarships aren’t specifically set up for academics, many of them do require you to have good grades to qualify. You may be 16 years old with a 230 average, but having a 2.0 GPA won’t get you anywhere. The scholarship committee wants to see that their money is going to be put to good use. Thus you need to prove yourself beyond the lanes. Don’t lose track of your school work, and hopefully you’ll have the grades to win a bowling scholarship.

Practice Your Game

If you are going to enter a tournament style bowling scholarship contest, you need to practice as much as possible. See if you can work something out with your local bowling alley to practice without paying every time you use the lanes. Some bowling centers will give you free play opportunities if they know you’re working toward a scholarship. Play in bowling leagues and go out with friends as often as possible in preparation for the big day.

Apply Often and Early

Since there are a lot of bowling scholarships that come up, you need to apply to as many of them as you can. The earlier you start, the more chances you will have. Once you get a feel for how these scholarships work, you’ll be able to dominate every time you try to get one. Hopefully you win a ton of money for your tuition.

Don’t Stop at Bowling Scholarships!

Chances are bowling isn’t your only skill, and even if it is, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just filling out applications for bowling scholarships. Check out other financial aid opportunities that you may qualify for so you can diversify your options and generate as much income as possible.

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