Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship – $500

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The quality of life in the future strongly depends on the quality built in the present.  For those that work hard today to have everything in place and focus on advancing can bring much more in their future.  Although work and education are what most people focus on today, but it is also about their overall health.  Carrington Dental Centre focuses on making smiles even brighter in Kelowna, British Columbia by helping patients receive quality dental work that includes anything from teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry and implants.  With so much success in the past, this time they would like to help a student advance in their future.  This dental office would like to focus on giving optimal oral health just as much as helping students get an optimal college education.  Carrington Dental Centre is giving away the Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship to students pursuing a college education.  One student will receive a $500 scholarship for putting together a top quality essay towards higher education.  Applicants are asked to submit an essay of 1,000 words maximum by the October 30th deadline.  Students are additionally asked to have their parent/guardian submit a recommendation letter in their name.  Applicants must be seniors in high school, college freshmen, or college sophomores.  Students must be residents of U.S. and Canada to consider applying for this scholarship.  Students that best present their thoughts on increasing learning power with get their chance at a $500 scholarship.  Not only do dental patients get a smile on their face, but students throughout the North America get a chance towards a brighter education.

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