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Students have a lot of responsibilities and spend most of their time studying. The pressure of paying for school can be even more demanding and add time onto your already hectic days of school. Well it is time for students to relax a little bit!  Everyone deserves a good relaxing day to give their brain a break.  CenturyLinkQuote is giving students that opportunity. College Scholarship is an awarding scholarship that gives students a chance at $1,000 towards their schooling.  CenturyLinkQuote is an authorized sales agent that offers deals on items such as high-speed internet, cable, and phone.  They offer bundles at a great price to satisfy everyone’s needs.  The scholarship is being offered to seniors in high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  Students must be legal U.S. residents or U.S. citizens and are required to have a 2.5 GPA or greater.  At the same time, all students need to do is simply write an essay of 500 to 600 words and they are applied to the scholarship.  It is time to put some energy and effort for this great opportunity.  Students should give their best and write the most compelling essay in order to stand out and get their chance at $1,000.  It is time to get started.  Students should plan their day, sit down, and relax.  Deadline is usually at the end of June every year and it gives students plenty of time to apply.  Students should put in a little effort and be ready to relax for the summer.

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