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Table of Contents’s College Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship that will award two students a $1,000 scholarship each.  This opportunity will award students that best explore the town of Charleston, South Carolina.  Although it might require some extra work and a little bit of a research, however students will be awarded funds towards their education. has everything that people need to find out about the city of Charleston such as attractions, accommodations, restaurants, tours, vacation rentals, and more.  They would like to help students get some money for their college education and worry less about their finances.  They are offering scholarships to students pursuing higher education.  Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program are welcome to apply.  Students are asked to submit a written essay of 300 to 500 words or post a blog and email their link by the deadline.  Students can choose one of the five topics given to write about.  The deadline for the fall is May 15th and for spring is December 15th annually.  This semi-annual scholarship will award one student each semester with a $1,000 scholarship.  This is a great opportunity for the younger generation to learn about Charleston and present it in the best way since Charleston has been named the #1 city by different sources.  Students can apply the next semester if they did not get their chance this time.  Easy scholarship opportunities should not be missed especially if the rewards are so big.

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