Christopher W. Keyser Undergraduate Scholarship – $1,500

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As an annual essay-based scholarship, the Christopher W. Keyser Undergraduate Scholarship has been awarding one undergraduate student a year with the best written essay with a $1,500 scholarship towards their college education.  Keyser Law Firm has been advocating people by taking over the legal side and by making positive changes to all the complex challenges that people face today.  Knowing about the difficulties that students face when it comes to financing higher education, Keyser Law Firm decided to give away a scholarship opportunity to undergraduate students enrolled in a 4-year college or university in hopes to give them the support they need to complete their college education.  This scholarship opportunity is only available to students that are pursuing a major in a legal or related field such as pre-law studies, English, journalism, criminal justice, communications, history, or political science.  Students have the option to choose from three different topics to focus on and put together an exceptional essay of 2,000 to 3,000 words to make themselves emerge out of a whole crowd of candidates.  Applicants will be required to only submit their essay with their contact information by the deadline without needing to submit any additional work.  The annual deadline is on July 31st and for that reason students are given plenty of time to put together an outstanding application.  Considering the fact that only students in a legal field or related fields may apply, a smaller number of applicants will submit their applications in which students have a greater chance at winning.

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