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Table of Contents is giving away the “Hit the Books” Scholarship to students pursuing a college education.  Need coffee?  Everyone needs energy to stay awake for their study hours.  All of us have stayed up late at one time or another to catch up on our schoolwork. is here to help. wants to focus on the future generations and entrepreneurs who will focus on changing the world. is an online coffee shop that offers everything needed for coffee and tea.  With many different brands and flavors to coffee machines such as the new and popular Keurig machines.  In return they are offering $500 to students for their educational expenses such as books and materials.  Students between the ages of 18 and 25 are welcome to apply.  All students are required to do is write an essay up to 500 words on the topic given and students that include their love for coffee in their essay will receive bonus points.  This is a semi-annual scholarship that gives students a chance at saving some money while getting their college education.  The deadline for the spring scholarship is on January 31st and for the fall scholarship is on September 30th.  If students are planning to become future leaders of the business world, they should come and apply.  It is time to hit the books and get a chance at success.  “Hit the Books” Scholarship represents prospect of the future of many student’s hopes.  One student will be awarded $500 for each deadline.  It is time to add some cream and sugar and be ready to go!

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