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CoffeeforLess.com Scholarship – $500

by daniel

Need coffee?  Everyone needs energy to stay awake for their studies.  All of us have stayed up late at one time or another to catch up on our schoolwork.  It is really hard to gather all the information when you have studied for hours.  CoffeeForLess.com is here to help.  CoffeeForLess.com wants you to focus on becoming our future generations entrepreneurs.  In return they are offering $500 to students for their educational expenses.  This is a semi-annual scholarship that gives students a chance at saving some money.  Students between the ages of 18 and 25 are welcome to apply.  If you are planning to become a future leader of the world, come on and apply.  It is time to hit the books and get a chance at success.  The Hit the Books Scholarship is geared to help the future of students looking to learn.

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