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The COIT Scholarship has been giving many opportunities to students and a chance to apply for a $1,500 scholarship.  Each competition brings something new for students to try and gives them a chance to earn money towards higher education.  Students had many different opportunities to apply from videos, essays, blogs, and even to making a cleaning checklist.  COIT is all about keeping things clean by offering the best cleaning services to those in need.  They are giving students a chance show their talent at keeping things clean and by offering the best submission a scholarship towards their education.  Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program to apply.  Best of all, even international students can come and apply.  Since each competition brings something new, it is important that students show what clean means to them.  This time students need to submit an essay of 250 words or fewer and to make their essay stand out.  This is one of those scholarships that do not ask for much but give out more than students can expect.  This scholarship is offered a couple of times a year so deadlines may vary.  This scholarship competition is open until August 1.  Greatest of all, the best submission will be featured on the website as well as on the social media to spread the word and teach others some tricks.  In order to apply for the COIT Scholarship, please visit and get started on a new adventure.  ScholarshipOwl has many other scholarship opportunities where students are only asked to fill one application to apply to all scholarships that they are qualified for and in return, they are given a chance to earn more money for a lot less work.

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